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Get Your WooFest 2020 Event Recording!

You can receive access to over 4 hours of recorded energetic teachings and processes taught by a world-renowned master delivered in our customized online lab

WooFest is The Ultimate Spiritual & Healing Festival. Recordings from our August 22nd event are available NOW and you can receive

A Few Testimonials...

"I have been feeling better since Woofest and sense a very beautiful shift happening!  Moving around more helps so much and makes such a huge difference also 🤗!!  Soul has been on me to take action with getting out of my home, working on my business, etc. Feeling like I needed this nudge so to speak to move and get out of stagnant energy.  Sending Massive Unconditional Love + May your Beautiful Soul be Blessed" - L.M.

"I have been suffering sciatica for months and it has been getting much worse. I attended the workshop to try to learn energy work, and never planned on receiving healing. I had no idea I would experience healing, but after the session, I had a whole lot more energy, and, continuing to this moment, the pain is much less and I am sleeping all night through! Thank you so much!" - C.B.

You'll receive beautiful healing energy with a world renowned healer and her team as you are lovingly guided every step of the way to release worry, anxiety, fear, and confusion and overwhelm.  

You'll feel more clear, certain, and connected through our proven Energy Mastery® System as you are revitalized and restored to your bright, shining, soulful Self. 

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I also want the Clear Mind, Healthy Self-Esteem, and Shining Soul Bundle

The Clear Mind, Healthy Self-Esteem, and Shining Soul Bundle contains three of our most powerful guided meditations. These meditations will clear your mind, build your self-esteem, and help connect you back to your soul. If you're looking to take this experience to the next level then this is the perfect accompaniment to the Woofest event recording. It will help you keep that good juju going!


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