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Because the Old Ways of Thriving are Ever-Evolving 

Most Psychics and Readers are completely wrong about what is coming and they are setting innocent people to struggle unnecessarily.  


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The Cosmic Energy Forecast might save your...

Save your mindset, health, personal relations, emotional wellbeing, and help you stay on track.

People who are in the know are safer. The right information at the right time allows you to avoid dangerous situations, keeping yourself and the people you love safe from harm.

You can’t change the weather, but you can prepare yourself the right way. You wouldn’t wear a bikini in a blizzard, right? With enough lead time you have an opportunity to prepare yourself for even the worst of conditions. Fortify your resources and stock up on necessities…

But I’m not just talking about preparing for disaster. We also need to know when the conditions are right for important decisions and opportunities.

Heck, I remember my mom pulling out The Farmer’s Almanac every time we had a big family party so that we’d have the best chance for good weather. And it never failed!

If you’ve been paying attention to what’s been happening in the world, and you’re even a little sensitive to energy, you know that there’s been something in the air for a while now...

    • Constant Energetic Flux
    • Unrest in your solar plexus
    • Spiritual Chaos
    • And Want Certainty
  • Social Unrest
  • Collective Fear & Despair
  • Limitations that make no sense

"This has been an interesting month of self discovery. This month's audio helped me realize I hadn’t listened to my intuition about my health and so it left me struggling. This helped show me I needed to stay in my own lane and start taking care of myself above work and family and friends. I’m taking this time to give thanks and gratitude for that which is in my life."

- C.R

Are you struggling to make heads or tails of the Energy these days?

Nervous that if you get it wrong, you could be blindsided or sucked into a negative cycle that leaves you frustrated and exhausted.

If so, you’re not alone.

After all, the trouble with getting ahead of the unseen energy cycles is determining what it all means for you in your life. Where do you get solid information you can rely on?

Your nightly news isn’t going to tell you what you need to know, and is filled with fear and doom.

Your friends and family either don’t know about energy, or aren’t skilled at reading the Energy accurately.

“Psychics” are notoriously vague and confusing. They leave you “watching your step” and full of doubt, or wearing rose colored glasses that blind you to danger.

The unseen world of energy and vibration is infinitely more difficult to predict than the weather. There are no instruments to warn us of a dangerous spike in collective fear, or a subtle shift in the cosmic tides for greater opportunity. Most people don’t know until it’s already upon us, which leaves them guessing and hoping for the best. That’s no way to live.

But there's another option...

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The Cosmic Energy Forecast has never been offered before...

Until now, only a few people in our inner circle had access to this information regularly. The reason we’re making it available now is to help energy-sensitive and heart-centered people like you make more informed decisions that will guide you toward greater peace and fulfillment…

With this monthly report you’ll be able to…

  • Have more ease and success, with less headaches and drama
  • Work with the flow of energy rather than fighting against it
  • Get ahead of the curve while everyone else is trying to figure out what’s going on
  • Have deeper insight into how energy patterns affect your life and relationships
  • So much more...


Instead of being left guessing, you'll receive clear information in simple terms that make sense in your life. 

People who are more clear advance faster in life. 


When your source is vague and cryptic, it leaves you second-guessing even basic signals. 

With clear and accurate information, you can have confidence in your insights and decision. 


You'll be more in control of yourself and your world when you know what's coming. 

Take the doubt out of your decisions and actions for more ease and flow in your life. 

Do you have a vision for a brighter world?

A more healthful and prosperous life? If so, then there are some things you need to know so you can bring that vision forth.

The old ways are dying. You won’t be able to force and will your way into the life you want anymore. If you do, something will break!

You need to use the ENERGY to navigate today’s world and guide your life. And that’s exactly what we’ve been doing with a small number of select insiders.

Up until now, only a few people have had access to this critical information. It’s no surprise that all of those people are currently thriving in their lives and work.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, political unrest, fear, conflict and scarcity, each and every person who has had access to this exclusive report has stayed true to their path of health, happiness, and greater prosperity.

Now it’s your turn…

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Your Monthly Report On The Most Important Shifts and Changes in the Unseen World... 

The Cosmic Energy Forecast is being released monthly. You’ll have it delivered promptly to you inbox where you can listen the your report immediately, and review it as often as needed. As well, you'll receive a PDF transcript of the report to keep handy for reference. 

In it, you’ll receive…

  • A concise report on the current conditions of the energy in our country
  • Insights on the collective consciousness influencing our world right now, and what you need to do to stay clear of negative influences
  • Specific energetic patterns that may affect business and commerce
  • Insight on finding your rhythm in this new cycle of evolution
  • Vital practices to keep you safe and prosperous

Most psychics, readers and intuitives don’t even have access to this information and those that do are not plugged into a network big enough to give a broad and comprehensive perspective on what’s REALLY going on…

And give you accurate, actionable information that’s relevant to your life and work.

That’s about to change…

“I’m pretty “woo” so the Cosmic Energy Report immediately caught my eye. I thought it would be like other psychic readings or astrological reports. I was so wrong. This information has been incredibly impactful and grounded in real results and action. Just what I needed to bring my awareness to the next level and integrate it into my life. Thank you!”

Energy Practitioner and Artist

How to Get Your Monthly Report

Everything is energy, but not everyone knows how to read it accurately and translate that into actionable information.

Sheevaun Moran, Founder of The Energy Mastery® System, was born with abilities most people can’t fathom. Her sensibilities about energy have perplexed people since she was a young child. She’s used these abilities to help her build several multi-million dollar companies. Beyond that she has helped tens of thousands of people find healing, fulfillment, happiness and success int their lives with her profound gifts and unshakable dedication.

Now you can have access to her gifts, insight, and experience monthly with The Cosmic Energy Forecast for only $20.

Every month you’ll receive an email with immediate access to her monthly report. You can listen to it anywhere, and revisit it as many times as you like to get all of the nuances and details that are important for you.

There is no minimum commitment. You can cancel your membership anytime with the simple click of a button. Start with your first month and try it for yourself.

If you already know you’re going to want this for the year, you can get 2 months free by signing up for the yearly membership.



per month

No commitment. Cancel your subscription any time.


Energy Mastery®

“I now know the actionable success default setting I need to be at for the year to make the most of the energy and opportunities predicted.

I can fly high and clear while others might get sucked into turbulence. I love big picture, high level perspectives, especially when they can be decoded into actionable steps like Sheevaun did for us on this call. Thank you!”

Energy Mastery® Practitioner and Marketing Consultant

Energy Mastery®

“Actionable information from one of the most gifted clairvoyants in the world. I don’t know where I’d be without it.

This is information I use to keep my clients informed as well. They are so grateful for the insight and feel more confident in their healing process knowing what they need to look out for.”

Naturopathic Health Practitioner

EM Catalogue Image - The Cosmic Energy Forecast.png The Cosmic Energy Forecast

Critical information about the unseen world by one of the most trusted sources in the energy healing industry. This monthly report is used by doctors, lawyers, healers, psychics, parent and leaders to get clear information about the things most people don't know or talk about. 


“In the past I’ve had a lot of uncertainty around Energy. I’d sense something, but would get caught in self doubt and second-guessing. Since I’ve had access to the Cosmic Energy Forecast, I am so much more confident in my decisions.

Sheevaun confirmed some of what I already knew, which feels good, but she also brings a unbelievably wide base of knowledge and experience that has opened my eyes to what’s possible.”

Intuitive Coach and Reader

Knowledge is power!

Knowledge is power. But it’s the RIGHT knowledge that makes all the difference in the world. For you who are attuned to the energy and sensitive to difficult circumstances, this information from one of the most trusted brands in the realm of Energy Healing will change your world.

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