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The Secret Teachings to Embody Your Enlightened Sexual Self

What is Sexual


Having a beautiful intimate relationship is one of the deepest desires of humans. This course helps you take your relationship to a deep level of love, pleasure, understanding and spiritual oneness.

Using the principles of energy, the course teaches the deeper essence of spiritual sexuality and the techniques to experience a blissful state of divine union for couples and sexual alchemy for single people.

You will gain unique teachings on sacred sex that are rarely shared outside of ancient temples, and release any unknown sexual traumas so that you can embrace your highest enlightened sexual self.


Human beings are hard wired for connection. Past traumas and programming can inhibit your ability to share true connection and love at the deepest level.

Love, Bliss and Beyond...


Most people don't realize how the use or abuse of sexual energy can impact their ability to create and manifest in the world.

Learn to Master Your Sexual Energy for Ultimate Access to Your Creativity.


When used and channeled properly, sexual energy is like spiritual gasoline to awaken your higher consciousness in ways most people can only dream of.

Utilize Ancient Practices to Accelerate Your Spiritual Development.

golden-tree-rounded-withBG.jpgThe act of Sex can help or hinder your mission in life. Understand how sex can deplete your income and what to do about it.

Why everything you know about sex is completely wrong and taking away your personal power. Learn how to reclaim your personal power and sexual sovereignty.

Masaru-Emoto-Dark-Field-Microscopy-Photograph-of-Indigo-Water-Scientific-Validation-rounded.jpgYou will gain a new understanding on how to appreciate your own sexuality as well as to have a truly intimate, deeply, fulfilling experience first with yourself and also with your partner.

Attract the RIGHT partner with the right sexy energy...

Learn how to recognize the divinity in your beloved and to spiritualize sexual union with your partner so you can transmute sexual energy into love, bliss and beyond.

Blue-Flowers-runded-withBG.jpgYou will learn to unwind past sexual relationships and hidden blocks that could still be hanging on and holding you back from your most authentic loving partner.

Create from a higher place to achieve a greater level of connection in your business world that is organic and elegant.

"The specific energy and techniques in this workshop are like Spiritual Gasoline to help you achieve more of what you truly desire in life and awaken your higher consciousness. "

What will Sexual
Alchemy Do for You?


  • Transcend your sexual experience to higher and higher levels.
  • Learn to use sacred sex to accelerate your spiritual development.
  • Deepen and strengthen your relationship with your partner.


NOTE: This is NOT a plant medicine practice. It is completely taught from the most ancient principles that will elevate and enhance your life without all the drama and chaos of plant type medicines.

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Sheevaun Moran has the privilege of facilitating miracles, for the past 14 years with over 25,000 clients. The results have been profound and the techniques are truly miraculous.

She teaches people to release patterns and downward spiraling thoughts and energies and make miraculous changes in their lives.

Sheevaun, an author of 8 books, has taught classes throughout the world so people achieve profound health, wealth, and spirituality.

“She sees things you don’t see and can get you there fast.” -Ann Convery

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