Want to join us the for ULTIMATE Spiritual & Healing Festival?
Saturday, December 4th, 2021

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WooFest! Is...

Deep Healing for Turbulent Times.

(Retreat-style Streamed Directly to You)
Think of it as a sanctuary for you to receive the deep healing your Soul needs in times of uncertainty, emotional upheaval, loss and chaos. 
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Immerse yourself in beautiful healing energy with a world renowned healer along with her team of highly skilled certified practitioners.

You'll feel more clear, certain, and connected as you are revitalized and restored to your bright, shining, Soulful Self.

 Imagine feeling lighter in your step, more upbeat, possibly pain free, maybe even some massive mindset shifts and a plan to keep things rolling through the coming weeks and months of uncertainty.

You’ll learn a some important things about your energy, but more importantly you’ll experience a new you.

If you're serious about up-leveling your energy so you can be more connected in your life and help more people, then I invite you to join us. 

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Are you ready for this?

It's not every day that you can spend time with the most dedicated and experienced healers around. Helping you to find the deep peace and transformation you've been looking for. 

Holding loving space for you and your highest dreams and goals; your true spiritual mission.

Seeing the very best in you, even if you can't quite grasp it yourself. 

Healing the beliefs and traumas holding you back from your ultimate happiness. 

The more receptive you allow yourself to be the more you'll receive. Now, I know that receiving isn't always the strong suit of over-givers. The first step is to secure your spot. 

Are you ready? 

What You'll Get at WooFest...

Sacred Opening Ceremony to set the stage for the healing to come. You'll meet the teachers and facilitators who will be guiding the experience, as well as fellow seekers and participants who will be taking the healing journey with you. 

Guided Healing Processes Led by Sheevaun. She has helped literally tens of thousands of people through Energy Mastery®. You'll be lovingly guided every step of the way from a space that has been specifically designed to support healing and transformation in every way possible.  You are truly in the very best hands, both seen and unseen. 

Energetic Teachings revealing the true nature of healing and transformation. You'll also learn techniques to help your mind be more clear, and how to remove obstacles to your awakening and spiritual journey. 

Energy Mastery® has sought to compile the deepest processes and highest truths of natural law into a simple, elegant system for lasting transformation. 

Powerful Resources to keep the good vibes flowing after you leave. YES!

You'll leave with a toolbox of resources and simple actions that will keep the goodness flowing into your life; supporting you through this unique and turbulent time in our world.

Much More...

  • Energy Mastery®

    “As an Empath, Energy Mastery® techniques have been an absolute LIFE SAVER! I don't know where I'd be without it. ”

  • Energy Mastery®

    “The technique I learned to release negative energy was POWERFUL. I use it every day now, and it always make life easier. ”

  • Energy Mastery®

    “This is IDEAL HEALING for times like this. We need it now more than ever, and the healers need this kind of care to do their work. ”

Awakening Your Inner Healer

We all need healing. Especially in times like these, when the emotional roller coaster has no end in sight. To bring more light and love into the world, those of us on the journey need to be filled and fueled ourselves.

WooFest! is where you release the old energies of fear, worry, anxiety and dis-ease, as you replenish and revitalize the health and goodness at the core of your being. 

The Energy Mastery® System has been used to help the lives of over 100,000 people to date. All you have to do is show up, exactly as you are, and we'll work from there! You'll be lovingly guided through our proven process. Here's how it works...

Deep Energetic Healing

No high-flying jibber jabber and all-talk non-sense. We’re all about the experience, and transformation is key.

When you get healing you need- body, mind, and spirit- the world gets it as well, and that is our mission.


Action starts with the right mindset. 

You'll be guided into the optimal mindset for recovery, healing, and transformation. We’ll be sharing some fascinating new techniques that will get your brain turned into the greatest ally you could ever have for ultimate ongoing healing.

Powerful Resources

Have you ever left a festival feeling wonderful, then, within a few days, you were back to the same old routine? 

Taking that radiant sparkle back into your life is one of the most important parts! 

At Woofest you'll learn a powerful set of resources needed to keep the good vibes going through the end of the year and beyond. 

Immerse Yourself In Light, Love and Healing...

Imagine being immersed in healing energy for hours. You'll be expertly guided into a deeply receptive state where it's totally safe to let go. You'll feel light and free as you gently release all the worries, anxieties, and old, stuck energies weighing you down.

Imagine being filled with bright, clean, pristine energy. 

Individual healing sessions with Sheevaun go for as much as $2,500. She is a true master who has personally helped tens of thousands of people. You'll have her for the entire experience, along with a support team of highly trained practitioners; people who have spent years of study and practice to refine their skills. 

Here are just a few of the transformations we've seen...

  • Chronic pain released for the first time in years. 
  • Stress and anxiety gone in minutes. 
  • Profound insights into spiritual path and purpose. 
  • From barely able to walk to a smooth, confident stride. 
  • Emotional wounds and trauma finally fully released. 
  • Looking 10 years younger. 
  • Estranged friends or family members re-connecting "out of the blue" to reconcile. 
  • So much more...

What sort of transformation would you like? 

Welcome You Seekers, Healers, and Heart-Filled Leaders of Light. 

If you're looking for like-minded individuals who are seeking the ultimate truth, light, and spiritual awakening, then this is your tribe...


World renowned healer and Chief Energy Officer, Sheevaun Moran will lead profound healing experiences. 

Sheevaun has personally helped tens of thousands of people with the Energy Mastery® system. 


 A Additional support provided by highly skilled Energy Mastery® practitioners 

You will have access to decades of experience, training and knowledge, so you will be in the very best care. 


Are you the "black sheep?" The weird one who's always up to something new? 

That can be fun, but there comes a time to connect with your real soul tribe to get replenished, rejuvenated, and re-inspired to do your beautiful work in the world. 

  • Energy Mastery®

    “I loved my experience at WooFest! I can't wait until the next one. ”

  • Energy Mastery®

    “Sheevaun and her team were amazing. I felt so cared for and received more than I thought was possible. I'd recommend this experience to any healer or heart-centered person who wants to do more good in the world”

  • Energy Mastery®

    “WooFest! is where I plug in and connect. The people are amazing and always there to help me stay on track. Thank you!”