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Over 30,000 Lives Have Changed

(For The Better) With Energy Mastery®.


  • Unfixable Health Ailments Healed.
  • Money Blocks Shattered.
  • Failing Relationships Saved. 

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“... I avoided double kidney replacement surgery by reversing my Stage 4 kidney disease. Doctors were STUNNED!...”

“... I was losing my hearing because of a severe ear infection that medication couldn’t fix. Now, my doctor says my hearing scores are unheard of—infection or not!...”

“... I’ve saved THOUSAND in (what turned out to be) unnecessary medical bills…”

“... I hadn’t closed any business or earned any commissions in 4 months. Two weeks after Energy Mastery, I earned over $25,000 (plus another $20,000 is *this close* to closing)...”

“… Today was the first time in over 13 years (since active duty) that I took a shower during a PTSD episode without needing to spend over an hour washing Charlie’s ‘blood’ off of me…”

“... For the first time in AT LEAST a decade, I am sleeping through the night. EVERY night!...”

“... Sales flow in naturally and easily now. It doesn’t feel like a scary burden to promote myself…” 

“... 4 years of struggling with fibromyalgia and after 2 months of Energy Mastery, I haven’t had any consistent symptoms in well over a year now!...” 

“... I had several epileptic seizures daily for 35 years. After Energy Mastery, I’m now off 9 of 10 medications and seizure free!...”

“... I DOUBLED my income the 12 months following Energy Mastery. And then I doubled my income AGAIN the year after that!...”

“... My skeptical parents now ask me to heal THEM before they’ll go see a doctor…” 

How Did This All Begin?

“Sheevaun, You’re Going To Die,” My ER Doctor Told Me Bluntly...

“I know you don’t want drugs, but we need to give you this medicine immediately or you’ll be gone by morning.”

Tears started to fall down my face.

The whirling chaos of the emergency room went quiet and still in my mind.

And a strong sense of peace washed over me.

I realized that after all I’d been through,

I was NOT put on this planet only to go out like this.


I had soldiered on at my corporate job during the grief (climbing the corporate ladder to build massive pharmaceutical companies).

I had been majorly misdiagnosed by a Western doctor...

Treated with an unnecessary surgery where I then became a statistic (one of the shockingly few people who get blood poisoning—sepsis, which is life-threatening—from being on a plane 24 hours after a surgery).

And after all of this, I was no longer a believer of Western medicine. It had failed me.

As a major player in the pharmaceutical world for over 10 years, I was still a woman of science.

I still appreciate lab tests and being able to PROVE illnesses as well as healings.

I just knew there were better ways to live a life of health and well-being that these doctors didn’t understand.

So, I thought to myself,

“All right, Sheevaun, I’ll let these doctors clean up the mess they created with a one-time dose of medicine…

… but from here on out, I am taking my health and well-being into my OWN hands!

And then WHEN I survive through this, I WILL dedicate the rest of my life to studying, practicing, and teaching others alternative and EFFECTIVE ways of healing. The same ones that I was about to use to heal myself.”

After walking out of that hospital room, I signed up for a class on energy healing.

This was my next giant leap into my new life.

A life where I would tap into a healing force FAR more powerful than Western medicine has ever created.

A life where I would experience more radiance, more health, more joy and fulfillment than ever before.

A life where I could help others who were on the brink of giving up after a life-shattering diagnosis—in ways that they never thought possible.

This class was going to change everything.

Or so I thought.

And hoped.

And wished.

And prayed.

BUT, I gotta be honest with you...

That class was taught by someone who was like an automaton and a disappointment.

Not only did I already think and live the way the teacher recommended...

I also KNEW I could be a MUCH better teacher.

So for the next TWO DECADES, I poured myself into practicing scientific and spiritual methods of healing used throughout history (and I’ve even invented my own) to see what delivered the greatest results.  

I practiced these tools on myself and on thousands of others.

People who were suffering from cancer, strokes, ALS, PTSD, money trauma, etc…

They were getting better when I used my tools to help heal them. 

A LOT better!

I was the first person asked to teach my techniques to the Air Force, huge companies like Boeing, and colleges across the US.

Long before alternative healing methodologies were as accepted as they are now.

And now, I’ve personally helped over 30,000 people with my work.

I’ve created the life I was always meant to live.

The life I proclaimed would be mine as I was lying on my deathbed in the hospital that one day.

I survived sepsis because I was meant to help others.

And Friend, If You Are Reading This Right Now, It’s No Coincidence.
I Was Also Meant To Help You!

Introducing The ‘Magnum Opus’ of My Career…

Energy Mastery Core

(A LIVE Event in San Clemente, CA held April 4 -7, 2024)

This event is YOUR very exclusive and limited-time opportunity to learn everything I’ve discovered about energy healing over the last several decades in just 4 days.

Which means it’s your chance to learn how to heal the ROOT CAUSE of whatever is keeping you stuck in life.

That ‘thing’ might be a physical or medical ailment—like kidney disease, seizures, PTSD, infections, sleep disorders, etc.

Or it may be a ‘block’ that has you feeling like you just can’t find success in your life.

(Maybe you want to quadruple your income—like my clients have—but selling yourself feels gross and unnatural.)

For most of my clients, and nearly ALL of those that attend my Energy Mastery Core event…

They’ve tried EVERYTHING else to heal and live a fulfilling life.

They’ve seen multiple doctors.

They’ve tried loads of medication.

They’ve worked with coaches.

They’ve been to therapy.

They’ve tried meditation and altering their diet.

And nothing has given them the health, healing, and success that they’re looking for.

Some of them have even come to accept that being a “sick person” stuck in pain and misery is just their fate in life.

They begin to feel like they’re just broken and can’t be fixed.

That is until they attend this event as one last ‘Hail Mary’ shot.

And that’s when their whole life transforms in a weekend!

Why Nothing Else Has Worked For You!

(And What’s Different About Energy Mastery Core…)

I invented an energy healing modality that’s unlike anything else that you’ve seen before.

And since this system isn’t being taught anywhere else in the world, this event is different than any meditation, reiki, prayer, or yoga retreat you’ve been to before. 

The Energy Mastery® system is a combination of ancient spiritual practices that have been used for thousands of years, fine-tuned with the study and practice of fairly new—meaning less than 100-year-old—branches of science.

Both quantum physics (how shifting your cellular energy can create any reality, any life you want to live)...

And epigenetics (how you can literally alter your own DNA).

Most importantly, it actually works! Even when every other “treatment” option has failed! 

I’ve proven this over the last TWO DECADES of healing over 30,000 clients personally.

Which means I’ve spent 20 years testing, tweaking, and perfecting a system that starts with your presenting problem (i.e. Kidney Disease, Fibromyalgia, Insomnia, PTSD, Infections, etc.)

… and “unwinds” the negative threads of trauma down to the root cause—the deep, old, sticky, gooey, challenging internal pain that’s keeping you stuck and sick.

My system pulls out those nasty blockages and cleans them up so you can FINALLY step back into your natural state of joy, radiance, abundance and vitality!

(AND, if you like, you can go on to use this energy healing technique to help heal others, as you’ll be a Certified Energy Master by the end of our weekend together.)

Hear Straight From Those That Have Used Energy Mastery® To Transform Their Lives...


Hear how this Pharmacist appreciated making the transition from taking one pill to fix one symptom to instead focusing on healing the root cause!


Here’s What You’ll Learn At Energy Mastery Core:

At the end of this event, you’ll walk away with life-changing techniques and exercises that you can practice on yourself (or on others) to heal from the old, sticky, gooey, deep trauma and challenges you’ve been suffering with for years.

Even if you’ve tried everything else—like most of my students have before they discover my system.

With these skills and techniques, you’ll be able to:

  • Eliminate chronic disease without doctors
  • Get over money-blocks so you can earn more without stress
  • Heal from painful relationships without therapy
  • Overcome lifelong mental illnesses without drugs
  • Get your 20 year-old energy back without hormone injections

… and SO much more!

You’ll also be able to quickly use these techniques in the future anytime a new challenge arises.

If you notice a cough coming on, you can do a body scan and heal any blocked energy so it doesn’t turn into a cold.

If you find yourself in a stressful situation, you’ll be able to use the energy release practice to come back to center.

If you set a goal to go after a promotion, or increase your commission earnings this year, you can use the prosperity exercises to make sure money will flow to you easily.

After all, money is just another form of energy!

Here’s a brief breakdown of what you’ll learn each day we’re together at the event...


  • The “anatomy” of your very own Comprehensive Energy System and how understanding it is the key to creating anything you want in life.
  • Discover how slowing down, increasing your sensitivity, and learning to feel energy with your hands are the foundational skills you need to heal.
  • Learn to identify a congested life force and how to cleanse the energy that’s keeping you stuck, sick, and in pain.


  • How to literally alter your DNA with nothing but your mind—proven by epigenetic science!
  • Create instant transformation within yourself and learn how to see the world in a whole new enlightened way.
  • Cut the cord between you and that “tug” back to complacency. The “tug” that pulls you back to the couch, to your old habits, to your pain and discontent.


  • How to generate ENDLESS energy without coffee, vitamins, or naps.
  • What exactly has kept you “blocked” in certain areas of your life—and how to let go of it’s grip on you so you can flourish. (With money, relationships, AND your health!)
  • Anxiety, depression, PTSD, phobias, & addictions can be a thing of the past when you learn the nature of the mind on an energetic level.


  • Why “just get over it, it’s in the past” is the worst advice you’ve ever heard when it comes to healing from your pain—and what to do instead.
  • The ancient 43 part process to “unwinding” any trauma you’ve experienced in your life so it doesn’t hold you back any longer.
  • How to return to your life with profound depths of peace, joy, and grace.

Not only will these classes heal you...

At The End Of Our 4 Days Together, You Will Be A Certified Energy Master.

Which means that you can ethically and safely use your newfound techniques to dramatically improve the lives of others, too. 

Whether you want to do it for free to friends and family…

Or start a side business where you’ll heal clients from whatever is holding them back for extra income.

It’s completely up to you!

What Does This Event Cost?

I’ll be honest with you. It isn’t cheap.

(The cheap solutions are almost never the ones that actually transform your life, anyway.) 

When did that massage ever “really” fix your years of chronic and deep back pain? Or when did that $37 course you found online be the thing that resulted in you doubling your income? 

But I want you to think about this…

What is your pain currently costing you?

If you’re suffering from chronic physical pain, maybe you haven’t had a full, uninterrupted 8 hours of sleep in over a decade.

Which means you spend most days too tired to stand up for more than 20 minutes, and you never feel all that “sharp” mentally.

And, as neuroscientists have proven… your lack of sleep probably results in unhealthy food cravings throughout the day.

So maybe you also have 10–15 pounds you’ve been trying to lose for years.

Maybe you aren’t able to go after certain promotions because they would require travel that your body just isn’t capable of enduring.

Maybe you often avoid fun outings with your family because you need to spend part of every day in bed with a heating pad, watching TV and trying not to think about your aching back.

Your pain could be costing you financial opportunities, your confidence, closeness and shared memories with your family, energy throughout the day, and overall well-being.

SO much more than just the physical sensations of your injury.

Or… Think About It Like This:

The average American spends $9,523 a year on health care.

And those who are sick spend considerably more than that.

(I actually think we should call it “disease care,” but that’s a conversation for another day.)

While the United States spends more on “health” care than any other country in the world ($3.5 TRIILLION), its citizens—us—are some of the sickest compared to similar developed nations.

Western medicine has failed us!

And it’s costing us a fortune to stay sick.

We’re spending trillions on something that isn’t working.

(Again, that’s $9,523 a year for the average American.)

What would you pay for something that actually worked?

Something that actually addressed the ROOT CAUSE of your pain and heals it for life instead of just managing your symptoms.

What would you pay for something that gave you the energy to go out and make more money, confidently (with ease!) ...

Or something that gave you more pain-free time to spend with your family?

What would you pay for a system that could help you AVOID expensive, risky surgery, medication, and doctors’ visits (as it has for thousands of my students)?

A system that can also help bring you peace, vibrant energy, radiance, confidence, joy, and fulfillment, too.

Your pain is already costing you so much.

And the truth is you don’t have to “just live with it” for another year.

Or even another month!

Click the button below to book a free call and see if the Energy Mastery Core event is exactly what you need to change your life for good.

This Is IMPORTANT For You To Know:
This Event ALWAYS Sells Out

Because of the incredibly hands on nature of this event (AND because we want to limit the number of people in the room to keep us safe during COVID), we are capping this program at 16 students max.

Which means that this event WILL sell out. Before that happens, click any of the buttons on this page to book your FREE discovery call to see if the Energy Mastery Core event is right for you.

Remember, Energy Mastery Isn’t Just For Healing Disease & Illness. It Can Also Improve Your Work Life & Help You Increase Your Income, Too!

(Like It Did For These Attendees…)

Happy No Matter What!

Crushing Weight Lifted in Minutes...

What's Stopping You?

After This Wild Few Years You Just Experienced...

It’s TIME For You To Enjoy a Life of Health & Unbelievable Joy!

Here’s the truth.

The things you’ve tried in the past to heal whatever is still keeping you stuck in life…

(Doctors visits, medication, hiring coaches, therapy, meditation, yoga, reiki, etc.)

They haven’t worked.

The thoughts, beliefs, habits, and viewpoints you have now have gotten you to where you are now… STUCK! And maybe even sick.

And if you want to break out of this cycle…

If you want a completely different result…

One that you never even thought possible…

(Like eliminating your symptoms without medication. Or quadrupling your income without working any extra hours.)

Then you need to do something you’ve never done before.

This Event Is The Crazy Out-Of-The Box Thing

You Never Knew You Needed 

You might not quite understand it yet.

You may not “get” how it works.

Or how thousands of people have gotten such life-altering results.

That’s okay.

All you have to do is follow that soft, voice inside your intuition that’s wondering…

“Maybe THIS is the solution I’ve been searching for.”

And book a free call to learn more.

Here’s the most important part: DON’T WAIT!

With a maximum capacity of only 16 attendees, this event will sell out fast!

Before that happens, click the button below and book your call now to see how this event can make 2021 your best year yet!

Got Questions? You Might Find The Answer Here:

(If Not, Please Book A Free Discovery Call To Get You The Information You Need.) 

Where is the event being held?

The event is being held at the Energy Mastery® Center in San Clemente, CA. The address is 1448 North El Camino Real.

San Clemente is a gorgeous small town about halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego. With a relaxing pier, incredible gardens, multiple parks and trails, and fun shops and restaurants, too!

Where should I stay if I’m traveling for the event?

The closest hotel is the Best Western Casablanca (just a few blocks away from the center). There are also lots of AirBnB and VRBO rentals to choose from as well.

What precautions are being taken to protect attendees from COVID?

We believe taking part in this event is the best COVID protection there is because you’re learning how to heal your own energy!

On top of that, we’re keeping the maximum capacity of the event extremely small (only 16 attendees). We’ll be cleansing the room upon entry and everyone will have plenty of personal space.

What is the schedule of the event?

Expect to join us in class from 9:30 am to approximately 6:30 pm all 4 days. (With a lunch break every day.)

Which means that if you’re traveling from out of town, you’ll want to arrive on December 6th to make sure you don’t miss our first session on the morning of the 7th

What about meals?

Serving healthy and delicious and nutritious food choices. 

Who will be teaching at Energy Mastery Core?

Sheevaun Moran, Founder and CEO of Energy Mastery®


Through the use of Laws of Energetics you attain success, joy, love, abundance, spiritual advancement, healing, and abundant health in all areas of life. Sheevaun Moran has the gift of seeing what other's don't and shares these tools through sessions & workshops.

Sheevaun Moran is a world-renowned healer, energetic arts master, author, entrepreneur, trainer, and podcast host. She has been sharing wisdom from the mysteries of the universe, energetics, human mind, DNA, psychology of life and success.

As a business savant, scientist, scholar, mystic, consummate teacher she has an unmatched profound wealth of knowledge around all things esoteric and subtle sciences.

Sheevaun was the first to teach energy healing in colleges and Fortune 100 companies and CEO’s. She is a powerhouse in helping companies get built and was responsible for $22 billion in sales. Combining energetics with health, healing, life and achievement is her life’s passion.

The first free healing clinics in Orange County, CA, having created seven healing centers in various states, written over sixteen books, twenty one audios for meditation, health and healing,

A lifelong passion of Sheevaun’s is to help feed and nourish the homeless and those in need. She does this through Create a Bright Life, a charity she is cofounder, that has shared over 200,000 meals and helped countless others in difficult circumstances.

“Elegant energetics are the core of what makes all things possible,”  says Sheevaun, “so long as you know how to utilize them for the benefit of health, healing and higher potential.”

She is trained in the highest teachings from the Himalayan mountains. The worlds universal teachers seek her help to get them into alignment and reset their energies, lives and businesses.

Sheevaun is very grounded in real life, is founder of several successful businesses and is living fully. She enjoys skiing, walks on the beach, ocean activities along with biking and painting.


If you have any additional questions about the event, PLEASE click below to book a free discovery call before it’s too late. There are only 16 spaces available and we have every reason to believe they will sell out.

We also won’t be hosting this event for another several months, so NOW is the best time to book your call and see if Energy Mastery Core is the right fit for you!