A small, private, application-only 4-Day Intensive Experience for Advanced Healing Techniques and High Spiritual Teachings unlike anything else.

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Why energy and what's so important about gaining this edge?

Experiential and Immersive where we teach you work ON your life, health, energetics.

What most people have is a mish mash of tools and spiritual practices. But what is at issue is the fact that there's no real system. Without a system to get consistent results no matter what crisis, mental hurdle or health issue Energy Mastery Core has the ability to solve these. In fact Energy Mastery Core principles have been used with over 30,000 people by the founder Sheevaun Moran.

She had her own crisis of nearly dying due to blood poisoning, sepsis, and discovered she'd been using energy in some form all her life. Once she'd decided to heal her own body from this nearly lethal issue she got to putting together a profoundly unique system.

Because Sheevaun was a computer programmer in her teens she knew that the blocks of a system is what makes everything work. She took her own experiences and some basic energy training and put them together to form Energy Mastery. The core training is her speciality and one where she dives deeply into you and your psychology, energetics and foundations to help you uncover your truest soul self.

If you want a proven system for generating results then she's the most qualified to share this system.

Shevaun has created miracles for many folks and while she doesn't go around telling these stories she does share the underlying processes. A miracle is simply taking all the elements of nature and helping them work toward and end result. The results she's helped thousands with are deep, lasting, soul shifting and profound.

This process has been responsible for folks from all walks of life. Sheevaun says that if you have the idea that there's a possibility that you want a shift then she has the tools for you to make that impact. If you're already on the path of making shifts for people because you're a healthcare provider, teacher, instructor, reader, healer, scientist, attorney, business person, mom, or soul center striving seeker then this is worth your time and energy!

This is not your ‘run of the mill' fluffly training.
This is you being handed the keys to the "proverbial" kingdom.

Exclusively for Seekers of Higher Truth and Wisdom


Wisdom seekers, higher truth seekers, entrepreneurs and women and men who truly
want to achieve radiant health, ability to heal and relieve pain and their own pain,
tension, stress, anxiety and stuckness. This is for folks who want the highest teachings
on the land and may want to achieve higher states of consciousness.


"Un-training' and a unique experience.

You (and up to only 15 others) will experience a no-fluff or filler, implementation experience custom designed by Nicholas where he spends 30% teaching and 70% implementing.

You will be taken through his specific 3C Invisible Influence Process, step-by-step and then be given the assets for you to literally “plug and play".

By the end of the four days you will be certified to incorporate Energy Mastery® solutions and Paramitas brain reset for yourself or others:

The unique system of Paramitas for reworking any issue that brain or thinking has adopted due to any trauma.

Then key protocols for helping the body heal and 23 steps for the brain to heal from all wounds and traumas.

The formula for getting heart and head into the most healing space.

Learn the Most Advanced Energetic Anatomy profile for the body, brain and the life

Break any limiting structure that you walk around with whether you know it is there or not.

Solving any boomerang energetics with a simple recipe.

And more…

The Art of Ancient Energetic Alignment
Through the Use of Quantum Lifeforce and DNA release

If you're here, you probably already know that you have a mission to fulfill. Maybe it's crystal clear in your mind, or it could be lurking beneath the surface as a deeply felt knowing that there is something greater for you to accomplish.

This was encoded into you a birth. However, due to training, conditioning, and programming, it becomes clouded, or even suppressed. When your higher mission, and the pathway there are not clear, we can become frustrated, stuck and confused. This leads quickly to stagnation- draining motivation, inspiration, creativity and vitality.

What's needed is Energetic Alignment. Yet, true energetic alignment goes far beyond affirmations and positive thinking. It stretches from the highest divine nature of your Self down to the most mundane tasks. True success comes from complete alignment of every part of your energetic anatomy, as well as your conscious mind, sub-conscious mind, emotions, and physical being.

When every part of you is in alignment, your life flows with much more ease. Physical health and vitality are assured. Relationships thrive. Creative expression flows, and a new world of deeper connection and meaning opens up to you.

This is the path of Energy Mastery®. It's not a one-and-done magic bullet.

Energy Mastery® puts the most advanced tools and teachings in your hands to sustain you on this endless journey toward Self-perfection.

What People Are Saying About The Core Training Intensive

When You Know, You KNOW.

Immediate. Powerful. Effective.

Energy Mastery® is a Life-Saver for Empaths and Introverts

Do I Qualify?

Here are the basic requirements if you’d like to be considered...

QnA-Icon.pngYou need to be established in your path on your spiritual journey.

This doesn't mean that you've necessarily done a ton of different trainings, or learned every other modality out there. Only that you have developed the discipline and awareness to prepare you for a much deeper dive into the great mystery.

QnA-Icon.pngYou are open, available and receptive to new ideas and higher teachings.

If you only want to prove what you already know, this is not a conducive environment for staying stuck in your ways. The mind of the beginner, and receptivity are key pre-requisites in order to be successful.

You are seeking Self Mastery.QnA-Icon.png

This is not a class for dabblers who just want another certificate on their wall. First and foremost, this is about Self Mastery through Energy Mastery.

QnA-Icon.pngYou understand the priceless nature of profound personal and spiritual development and you are willing in invest in yourself.



Case Studies from The Archives of the Founder

He Was On the Verge of Losing EVERYTHING That Mattered to Him

Unexpected Miracles for this Executive Coach

From Financial Meltdown to Dream Life

You Might Be Wondering (FAQ)

Do I need any previous Energetic Experience?

No. It's important for you to be established in your personal spiritual development. That doesn't mean that you have to have ANY experience in healing. Only that you know that you want to explore your highest potential and you are willing to do the work. 

What is the training schedule?

Each day begins at 9:30am and finishes around 6pm. 

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