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Energy Mastery® School

The Energy Mastery® System is dedicated to sharing the highest teachings and most powerful technologies for healing on the planet. 

Here, you'll find a wide array of classes and events for all your needs. Whether you need better health, mindset, self healing, Soul alignment or prosperity, you'll find something here to get you closer to your ultimate goal. 

Energy Mastery® CORE Training with the Founder

Imagine YEARS of therapy, healing, health coaching, and personal transformation packed into 4 solid days where you, your energy, your limiting beliefs in your mind and DNA are resolved.

You will have access to the insights and teachings of the founder who has used these techniques on over 30,000 people. She has a depth of knowledge about the mastery of energy, how it applies to healing, health, spirituality, mind constructs and resolutions that is imparted to you. 

CORE Training is designed for Advanced students and those who have a calling to know the highest truths about Energy. This class is the most profound step you can take with the founder and creator of the revolutionary Energy Mastery® system.

It’s as if your cells and soul expand under Sheevaun's direct tutelage as you are taken under the wings of knowledge and presence to help you achieve your Soul's Mission. Working as part of a small group you will receive many advanced teachings in the course to help you take the tools out into the world for good.

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