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Unfixable Health Ailments Healed.

Money Blocks Shattered.

Failing Relationships Saved. 

Do you ever feel like you want more energy?

Is your mind filled with ideas and yet you cannot act on them because your energy is…well almost like a dim light?

Maybe your energy and vitality seem like it's just beyond your fingertips, and once you get some it slips away, again, and again...

Do you need more energy and KNOW that your health could be much much better?

Even vibrant! 

Maybe you've got a mission to make a big impact in the world to help a lot of people. You simply want more energy, vitality, health, and happiness. 

You've probably done a bunch of work on yourself, and you're looking for that next level of health, happiness, awareness, and freedom; Fact is that when you work on yourself sometimes your energy systems backfires or backslides. It can seem confusing and frustrating because you felt good for a bit and then…meh.

Another important fact is that seeking higher Truths requires you to be a better, even healthier, version of you. That means you're here because you’re ready for things to truly work. 

Could this be why...(watch the video >>) 

You may have intuited that the solution is locked
inside your energy system

There are basic levels of energy that you’re likely aware of, and then there are the levels of energy that only a few seek to know or even learn about. Understanding about how energy works is not some flaky fluffy stuff, it’s actually an ancient science.

Monks, elders and such all knew this and have kept it secret for eons and what Energy Mastery has done for you is to make these methods easy to use, understand and access. These higher teachings have helped thousands worldwide for over twenty years.

They have been made so that they are elegant, seamlessly integrated into daily life and activities. Yet they are deep, resonant and will give your next steps to your own freedom.

When you learn and understand that energy is the core element of all solutions that are fast, fluid, and accessible, then you know that mastering your energy is the fastest and most direct way to achieve your highest goals. If you want to life a life that is full of light, joy, and purpose The true fulfillment of living on purpose. 

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Meet Energy Mastery® Founder, Sheevaun Moran

  • Energy Mastery®

    “"Energy Mastery® leads to a bigger smile on my face, a lighter spirit, and a higher vibration. Super excited! Super receptive! I am truly grateful.”

    Creative Catalyst

  • Energy Mastery®

    “"I had 4 years of fibromyalgia that was completely cured through just 2 months of EM (Energy Mastery®) work!

    Haven't had any consistent symptoms in well over a year now."This is a fantastic recommendation!”

    Mindset and Visibility Coaching

  • Energy Mastery®

    “"For the first time in at least a decade I have slept through the night, each night. What BLISS a full night’s sleep is!!"”

  • Energy Mastery®

    “"Immediately after Energy Mastery® Training, I got a promotion and became the quality control coordinator for our department. My patients are responding to me warmly and I feel more grounded than ever. My life is no longer on autopilot. I have gotten answers to questions I have been asking for a long time.

    -Tammy Gallagher”

    Health Coach

  • Energy Mastery®

    “I've never been so grateful for the Energy Mastery® Tools. I just dodged an illness bullet. I started getting sick; tired, spent and I could feel that grunge that comes onto me when the illness is starting.

    After 45-minutes of Energy Mastery®, I felt good, normal, and not spent anymore. I'm soooo grateful for this tool!!”

    Muscle Testing Academy


Advanced Energetic Formulas for Unstoppable Health

The Energy Mastery® System utilizes the most advanced energetic formulas to unlock your natural healing abilities. Eliminate chronic pain, illness, stress,  fatigue, and much more, so that nothing will get in the way of your health and well-being.

What if you never had to rely on another outside source to maintain pristine health and vitality ever again? 

DNA Release and UnTraining

"It's like years of therapy in one session."

This is what our clients have said countless times after releasing years of programming, beliefs, or trauma from their DNA and cellular structure through the Paramitas System™.

unTraining is a unique approach that has been lost for centuries, until now. 

Enlightened Living for Spiritual Seekers and Leaders

As we enter a new age of awakening consciousness, it is more important than ever to have a deep understanding and Mastery of Energy in our daily lives.  

Enlightened Health, Enlightened Thinking, Enlightened Leadership, Enlightened Living.  

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