What if the magic you knew as a child was real?


Energy Mastery® is THE Premier Worldwide Certification Program for Energy Medicine, Energy Healing, Energy Hygiene & Soul Connection

There are basic levels of energy that you're likely aware of, and then there are levels of energy that only a few seek to know, or even learn about. Understanding how energy works is not some fluffy endeavor, it's actually an ancient science and when applied to daily life and business today, can produce astounding results.

Energy Mastery® synthesizes the complex ideas monks and elders have kept secret for eons, making these ancient scientific methods easy to use, understand and access. Every tool, system and process has been carefully designed so that it is elegant and seamlessly integrates into your daily life. Yet each piece is deep, resonant, and will give you access to immeasurable freedom.

When you learn and understand that energy is the core element of all solutions that are fast, fluid, and accessible, then you know that mastering your energy is the fastest and most direct way to achieve your highest goals. If you want to have a life that is full of light and joy, the true fulfillment of living on purpose. Energy Mastery® can help. Get a copy of our FREE eBook to get started.


5 Secrets to Heal & Relieve the Pain of
Stress, Diseased Energies, Malaise,
Anxiety, Illness and the Chaos of Life

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Energy Mastery® is Unlike Any Other Modality

Achieve Unstoppable Health

What if you never had to rely on an outside source to maintain pristine health and vitality? 

Utilize the most advanced formulas to unlock your natural healing abilities and eliminate chronic pain, illness, stress, fatigue, and more, so nothing will get in the way of your health and well-being ever again.

Release Mental Trauma

"It's like years of therapy in one session"

This is what our clients have said countless times after releasing years of programming, beliefs, or trauma from their DNA and cellular structure. unTraining is a unique approach that has been lost for centuries, until now.

Experience Enlightened Living

For Spiritual Seekers and Leaders

As we enter a new age of awakening consciousness, it is more important than ever to have a deep understanding and Mastery of Energy in our daily lives. Enlightened Health, Enlightened Thinking, Enlightened Leadership, Enlightened Living.



In this experiential 2-Day class we will go deep on two core principles of energy, that when you truly understand them, have the power to change your life with more ease and grace than you can imagine. You will discover your own language for energy and how to use it to create what you actual desire in your life. WARNING: The more you step into this work, the more all the people around you will benefit.


It is difficult to describe this 4-Day CORE Intensive with Sheevaun Moran, the Founder of Energy Mastery. Each class is different and depends on the collective souls who choose to show up, their receptivity and what is going on in the world. This class is known for revealing profound solutions to long-term challenges for students, often revealing insights and opportunities they never saw coming.

Benefits of Energy Mastery® Certification

What people achieve and receive when they take a class and become a certified practitioner of Energy Mastery

Energy Mastery is a school to help the empaths, sensitives, healers to have burned out, high achievers who are more interested in their sensitive sides to help their businesses grow and be better leaders. It is also for people who are sick of being sick and want to learn how to heal themselves with a process that has been taught to over a hundred thousand students and is proven to work.

A class is offered by a certified instructor who has taken their training seriously enough to want to share with the world. The advanced classes are taught by the founder herself, Sheevaun Moran, as she’s profoundly adept at energy, healing, transformation, clairvoyance and all things a highly sensitive soul would want to achieve while growing a movement.

To heal and relieve pain has been Sheevaun’s mission since her own misdiagnosis and hear death event.

Some of the benefits include:

  • better attitude
  • increased energy
  • more vibrant and resilient health
  • rarely getting sick and if one does they recover 10 times faster
  • more focus and ability to accomplish more, more quickly
  • higher creativity and flow
  • improved finances
  • more energy for life, family, joy and creating abundance
  • better sex life
  • happier more easily
  • capable of handling more with less effort
  • healing of any type of health crisis, malady, wound, lang term illness, etc.
  • releasing old traumas that hold you static
  • no more obstacles to your dream or vision
  • calms the nervous system and reduces and often eliminates ADD, ADHD, traumas, physical wounds, inner organ issues, lymphatic system

Solutions to Master Your Own Energy At Home

The Secret Energy of Miracles

The Intuition Challenge

Energy Detox

Immunity Boost Challenge

I Love EM Radio


I Dodged a Bullet

"I started getting sick. I know exactly when illness is coming. I'm tired, I'm spent and then I felt the grunge that comes on when the illness is starting. I could feel a fever coming on. Low grade grungy energy all over my body. It was so fast and quick and I was going down for the count in 10 minutes from the time it started.

I stopped, asked myself what to do and the answer came. Do an energy cleanse. So now, 45 minutes later, I feel pretty good, normal, calm, not spent. Whew! I so wanted to stay healthy at this time. I am sooo grateful for these tools. Ha! Thank you, thank you, thank you! It's kind of spooky cool."

Steve Brinton, Founder of Muscle Testing Academy

Not Buying into "Should Be"

"I have a really cool share... I had a non-verbal kiddo with autism get really mad yesterday during APE and the closest thing to him was my right wrist and he bit me... HARD!!!

The first picture was right after it happened, the second pic is less than an hour later, third pic at the end of the day yesterday and fourth pic is a little over 24 hours after the bite. I cut cords to the bite, me and him and then swept the bite mark throughout the day yesterday!

I really do LOVE the energy work and not accepting how people think things "should be" (like everyone telling me to go the the doctor, that I might have nerve damage and not be able to feel my thumb and that I'll have a MAJOR bruise from this bite!) NOPE, not for me, next! So good."


Bring Your Gifts to the World

"I spent a four intensive days with Sheevaun at her Energy Mastery Core training, and I have to tell you I had a lot of knowledge about energy beforehand but now am awestruck at the depth of these higher teachings...

If your dream is to seriously design the life of your dreams, this is the place to be.

It's not only cutting-edge technology, it's really put together in a way that is so unique and how you really, truly bring your gifts to the world."

Marcia Wieder, CEO and Founder of the Dream University®


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