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“Sheevaun, you’re going to die,” my ER doctor told me bluntly.

“I know you don’t want drugs, but we need to give you this medicine immediately or you’ll be gone by morning.”

Tears started to fall down my face... 

The whirling chaos of the emergency room went quiet and still in my mind... 

And a strong sense of peace washed over me.

I realized that after all I’d been through, 

I was NOT put on this planet only to go out like this.

I had survived the loss of my husband.

I had soldiered on at my corporate job during the grief (climbing the corporate ladder to build massive pharmaceutical companies).

I had been majorly misdiagnosed by a Western doctor...

Treated with an unnecessary surgery where I then became a statistic (one of the shockingly few people who get blood poisoning—sepsis, which is life-threatening—from being on a plane 24 hours after a surgery).

And after all of this, I was no longer a believer of Western medicine. It had failed me.

But I thought to myself, 

“All right, Sheevaun, I’ll let these doctors clean up the mess they created with a one-time dose of medicine…

… but from here on out, I am taking my health and well-being into my OWN hands!

And then WHEN I survive through this, I WILL dedicate the rest of my life to studying, practicing, and teaching others alternative and EFFECTIVE ways of healing. The same ones that I was about to use to heal myself.”

After walking out of that hospital room, I signed up for a class on energy healing. 

This was my first giant leap into my new life.

A life where I would tap into a healing force FAR more powerful than Western medicine has ever created…

A life where I would experience more radiance, more health, more joy and fulfillment than ever before…

A life where I could help others who were on the brink of giving up after a life-shattering diagnosis—in ways that they never thought possible.

This class was going to change everything. 

And I gotta be honest with you...

That class was a HUGE disappointment.

Not only did I already think and live the way the teacher recommended…

I also KNEW I could be a MUCH better teacher.

So for the next TWO DECADES, I poured myself into practicing scientific and spiritual methods of healing used throughout history (and I’ve even invented my own) to see what delivered the greatest results.  

I practiced these tools on myself and on thousands of others.

People who were suffering from cancer, strokes, ALS, PTSD, money trauma, etc…

They were getting better when I used my tools to help them. 

I was the first person asked to teach my techniques to the Air Force, huge companies like Boeing, and colleges across the US…

Long before alternative healing methodologies were as accepted as they are now. 

And now, I’ve personally helped over 30,000 people with my work.

I’ve created the life I was always meant to live...

The life I proclaimed would be mine as I was lying on my deathbed in the hospital that one day.

I survived sepsis because I was meant to help others.

And I also believe I was meant to help you.

If you’ve made your way to this email and you resonate with my story in any way…

Then I believe you were guided here. 

Because right now, you have very exclusive and limited-time opportunity to learn everything I’ve discovered on energy healing over the last several decades…

…in just 4 days.

This could be your chance to heal from whatever is keeping you from living your fullest life…

Whether that’s chronic physical pain, a debilitating disease, financial struggles, relationship tension, etc…

So that you can live the life you were always meant to live too.

(And, if you choose, you can spend your time healing others, like many of my students have chosen to do.)

What's possible with Energy Mastery®? 

When I first met Kathy (name changed for privacy) she had just been diagnosed with Stage 4 kidney disease, and her doctors told her she needed BOTH kidneys replaced.

This could have been a recipe for death.

Not ONLY does that operation require a highly skilled surgeon.

But donor kidneys only function for 8–20 years after the operation.

(Depending on whether the donor was alive or had deceased.)

So this surgery was risky AND it wasn’t a permanent solution.

She would need NEW donor kidneys and ANOTHER risky surgery in just a handful of years.

That wasn’t an option for Kathy. She wasn’t willing to have this be her reality. 

So she sought out how to heal herself a different way, and that’s how she found my Energy Mastery program that saved her life.

She went through my process of “unwinding” her disease until we found the root.

At the core, Kathy was holding on to a whole mess of repressed anger and self-loathing.

THAT’S what needed to be healed in order for her to experience true health.

So, we continued our work together for months, healing her energy…

And she continued to get weekly tests from her doctors to track the function of her kidneys.

(I’m a HUGE fan of science. So I loved that we had medical records to show us if we were on the right track.)

Over the weeks, her diagnosis began to change.

Her kidney disease went from Stage 4.

Down to Stage 3.

Down further to Stage 2.

All the way down to Stage 1.

Until she no longer needed to replace her kidneys, and her doctors were stunned!

In JUST 9 months, Kathy naturally healed herself with my energetic healing methodologies, and her life-shattering diagnosis was gone!

Now, here’s the best part...

The system that I taught Kathy…

The one that she used to heal kidney disease by unwinding down to the unresolved & underlying trauma…

Those deep, old, sticky, gooey, challenging energetics…

The system that allowed us to pull out those nasty blockages, clean them up, and allowed her to AVOID risky surgery…

YOU now have an opportunity to learn that same system and apply it to your life too!

So that you can use it to heal whatever disease or ailment that is plaguing your physical body (even if you’ve come to accept that being a “sick person” stuck in pain misery is the only fate for you).

OR, any mental or emotional issue that is keeping you stuck in your life.

Money issues? Gone.

Relationship issues? You can say, “See ya later” to those.

Because once you get “unblocked” energetically…

Once you heal the true ROOT of your presenting problems... 

You can step back into your natural state of joy, radiance, abundance, and vitality!

(And then, if you like, you can go on to use this skill to help heal others, like many of my students choose to do.)

It’s all happening at an exclusive event I’m holding for 4 days in San Clemente, CA. 

It’s called Energy Mastery® Core, and it’s the “magnum opus” of my career.

(Which means I’ve taken everything I’ve learned about energetic healing over the last two decades of fine-tuning my own methods—personally healing over 30,000 people myself—and have distilled it down to a 4-day training.)

So that you can walk away knowing how to use energy to drastically improve your life…

And maybe even the lives of others.

I have SO MUCH more to tell you about this incredible program.

Way more than I could fit inside this space.

So the best thing to do is to book a free call with my team by clicking here now.

We will explain exactly what you’ll experience when you join us…

And answer any questions you may have, too.

Here’s the thing.

These trainings are only offered a few times a year. I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to be teaching this. 

And we only have space for you and 15 others inside this program.

Which means that everyone who attends gets to work with me hands-on in a very intensive setting.

But it also means that this program will fill up… fast!

If you’re even remotely interested in learning more, NOW is the time to book your call to discover what it’s all about.

Click here to do that now.

If you’ve been looking for alternative and natural paths to healing—even if you’re skeptical of whether it’s even possible…

(The skeptics are my favorite!)

THIS just may be the answer to your prayers. The “sign” you’ve been waiting for.

Book your call with your Amazing Guide by clicking above now to see what it’s all about. 

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Sheevaun from Energy Mastery®