About Energy Mastery®

For several years I had been reeling from the ravages of other people’s energies. I just
didn’t know that this was the reason that I spoke differently nor did I know it was going
to lead me to a lifelong path of sharing every idea.

Energy Mastery® is a culmination of many eons of teachings that can be found in the world
but with one simple difference. That difference is not just theory, nor is Energy Mastery®
designed to take you away from what you’re already doing.

You have miracle making in the palms of your hands and the quanta (quantum) energy of
your brains. What you do with that is often less than 1% of what you could do if you got
to the core of how energy works.

Sure there are channelers, reiki masters and such, but the true essence of who you are as a
human and a soul is much more than that. You are capable of much more.

Energy Mastery® gives you the tools, techniques, protocols (proven), and experiential
systematize training to get back to LIFE, more LIFE, healthful living and much more

With Energy Mastery®, the world population has the opportunity to not be taken over by AI
(artificial intelligence) or to be taken down healthwise from all the wifi networks and
funky electrical zipping around.

We see Energy Mastery® in the hands of those people who want to master their own
health, who are sick of being part of the sick care system, who want freedom to handle
any health or mindset issue that crops up and become masterful at their own lives.

Regardless of who you are, what you believe (or don’t believe), energy is everywhere and
when you become masterful with it you become the conduit for miracles and transformation. 

-Sheevaun Moran, Founder and CEO of Energy Mastery®