Energy Mastery® FAQ

We get a lot of curious questions here. After all, Energy Mastery® is a MYSTERY School. We'll do our best to answer the most common questions we get. If there's something you can't find, just send an email to, or text us at 949-755-8488. Who knows, maybe we'll even add it to the page and you'll be famous...sorta...

Let's start at the top. What is Energy Mastery®

As I mentioned we are, in essence, a mystery school. What does that mean? Well, our main goal is to help people unlock the mysteries and higher truths of the universe inside themselves. That goes far beyond the simple "Sharing of Information" that you see a lot of today. That's all well and good, but applying those teachings to your life requires much more skill. Which is exactly why the Energy Mastery® System was developed. 

What is the Energy Mastery® System? 

It's a systematic method to cleanse and strengthen with the energy in and around you so that you can have a greater level of mastery over the foundational force in your life...ENERGY!

What makes this system both unique and powerful is its elegance and sophistication, cleansing the multiple levels and layers of the energetic system in a very thorough and systematic fashion, while resolving the underlying psychology perpetuating the challenges and patterns. 

We firmly believe that both the energetic and psychological aspects are absolutely vital to create rapid and lasting healing. and transformation. 

Is Energy Mastery® like Reiki? 

No. Reiki is a nice start for someone who wants to connect with the fact that energy is actually a thing, and learn how to use it in a very basic way. Energy Mastery® provides a much more comprehensive and practical understanding of energetics.

Energy Mastery® takes a radically different approach in working with energy. While Reiki is mostly, if not wholly, focused on putting more energy and symbols INTO the system, with the Energy Mastery® System, we focus on cleaning old, stagnant, and congested energy OUT of the system first. 

Energy Mastery® also uses a much more complete and advanced chakra system than Reiki (and just about every other energy healing modality for that matter). It's not so that we can be the cool kids on the block teaching the chakras that no one else knows about. We do this because these components of the energetic system are extremely important to achieving total health and well-being. This is one of the many reasons that so many people only get so far with other systems whereas the Energy Mastery® continues to reveal more depth and potential over time. 

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Reiki does not address, in any significant way, the mental and emotional patterns and programs that drive the energetic system. Yes, some people COMBINE Reiki with other methods, like NLP, Hypnotherapy, or traditional counseling- to each his own- However, it's important to understand that those methods were never designed to work together.

Energy Mastery® is not a hodgepodge of systems glued together with good intentions. Is was skillfully designed and tested over 20 years of study, research, and practice on tens of thousands of clients and students. 

How can I know that these techniques are effective?

The only way to know is to take a scientific approach. Ask questions like:

  • Are the techniques consistent? YES. 
  • Are the results repeatable? YES.  
  • Can the techniques be taught to others? YES.  
  • Do practitioners need to have any “special” abilities? NOPE. 
  • How long has the practitioner been using the modality? This varies. 
  • Can I speak to past clients of the practitioner? Start here

How do I know this will work?
Your receptivity to the practitioner and the modality is key to the results. The more receptive you are the more rapid the results.

How is this different from other modalities?
Energy Mastery Healing and System is different in that the requirements to become a Certified practitioner are stringent. You must prove that you have had success with over 50 cases. The practitioner is tested on the knowledge, which is reviewed by a medical advisory board.

It is also different in that it is designed to protect the practitioner and the client. Allowing for maximum improvement within the body rapidly.

What other techniques do you use?
The other techniques that I utilize work with releasing negative programming, patterns, attitudes and beliefs. These are released at the core level allowing restoration of the body or business to occur much more quickly.

We also utilize natural food recommendations based on what your body requires and natural supplementation based on what your body will require to repair more quickly.

What areas can be helped?
Physically – any physical ailment that includes chronic pain, trauma, grief, cancer (during chemo or solo), migraines, insomnia, multiple sclerosis, parkinsons, kundalini syndrome, asthma (adult or child), chrones disease, blood disorders, hepatitis, addictions, fibromyalgia, polymyalgia, chronic fatigue and any disorder that the body acquires.

Mentally – general malaise, depression, sadness, lack of zest for life, internal negative voices, suicidal tendencies, and much more.

Financially – anyone wishing to improve their life physically and mentally will have an improvement in their finances. These techniques allow the individual to become a more of a magnet to prosperity.

Do I still see my regular doctor?
YES YES YES. We are not physicians nor do we prescribe or treat. We are here to help you facilitate faster healing in your body.

Do I have to be a particular religion?
No. Healing is not about religion it is about getting the blocks away from the body or business so that the natural healing ability will take hold faster.

How long will it take?
A session, no matter the type, is approximately 45-50 minutes.

Are there classes that I can take?
Yes we have a plethora of classes that will help you, your family, your business achieve more peace, prosperity, and balance. Please go to the classes page.

Can't I just read a book and do the Feng Shui for myself?
Yes, you can read a book. For results that are specific to you, your environment, your desires, your family it is best to work with a professional. When you elect to do the practices from a book first it takes a long time to figure out how, where, and how much should be done.

If you have purchased a book about Feng Shui, congratulations you are now open to understanding how it can work. It’s just that someone with an experienced eye for energy and the dynamics of how this all fits into your life is much more effective and the desired results are achieved more easily and quickly.

By working with a seasoned professional you are getting the expertise of someone who works with energy flow specific to your dreams, desires, and overall issues.

Working with Sheevaun O'Connor Moran is like working with a friend. She strives to achieve immediate results with the least amount of discomfort. She works within your existing lifestyle and is not out to change your point of view, she's out to accomplish results as rapidly as possible.