Energy Mastery® Success Stories

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"I spent a four intensive days with Sheevaun at her Energy Mastery Core training, and I have to tell you I had a lot of knowledge about energy beforehand but now am awestruck at the depth of these higher teachings...

If your dream is to seriously design the life of your dreams, this is the place to be.

It’s not only cutting-edge technology, it’s really put together in a way that is so unique and how you really, truly bring your gifts to the world."

-Marcia Wieder, 
CEO and founder of the Dream University®

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Steve Brinton Testimonial


"About 5 years ago, pain started in my hip. It was pretty intense. Noticeable all day with any activity. Probably an 8 on a scale from 1-10.

6 months later...I haven't had any hip pain since our session! Thank you for your gift!❤"

-Heather Wallace-Kasprzyk

"Now I have the ability to do the work I love with much more power and intention."


Healing a bite in record time with Energy Mastery®

"Energy Mastery® is a revolution in healing. This class was so much more that I imagined." 



Energy Mastery® is totally awesome! They helped me through the worst time in my life and I couldn’t have done it without them. There are answers and a better way, with caring people to guide you.

-Denise J. 

"Its been over 6 months since I got certified & have seen many miracles. Here are a few recent updates...

I worked on a few of my animals having tumors- my cat's have disappeared & my ole pup still has his yet his daily routine has improved by leaps and bounds.

On the human front, my issues of pain continue to lessen."

-Robin Fox Paulsen


Happy No Matter What! 

Crushing Weight Lifted in 5 Minutes... 

From a war veteran...

"Today was the first time in over 13 years that I took a shower during a PTSD episode and wasn't in there for an hour." 

Sam Love Testimonial

"Energy Mastery® leads to a bigger smile on my face, a lighter spirit, and a higher vibration. Super excited! Super receptive! I am truly grateful.

I had a marketing presentation for 50 people this morning, so I used Energy Mastery® for anxiety. The presentation was full of heart & soul and very well received. SHINING with #energymastery!

-Leslie Hamp


"For years I’ve had anxiety that left me feeling unable to cope. After the first Energy Mastery® session, I felt so much lighter and have made significant improvements in all areas of my life- including increasing my sales at work and a better relationship with my family. Also, I no longer take anxiety medication!"


"Normally on a day like today, I’d be in bed drinking hot tea and downing allergy meds - instead, I’m out doing weekly shopping - a little tired, but not stuck in bed!

Thanks Energy Mastery!"

-Ann Pendarvis


Energy Mastery® is a Life-Saver for Empaths and Introverts 

What's Stopping You?

"I had 4 years of fibromyalgia that was completely cured through just 2 months of EM (Energy Mastery®) work!

Haven't had any consistent symptoms in well over a year now."

-Frankie Simmons


"I'm a CNA (Certified Nurse's Assistant) and was using the Energy Mastery® tools I learned at the nursing home I work at, and one of the patients ‘caught’ me in the act. We had a little giggle together, but sure enough, a few hours later it had spread throughout the home.

One of the patients was having a particularly difficult day, and the other residents had her use this simple tool. She was smiling and laughing in no time.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a transformation quite like it!"

-Tinamarie Gill

"I just have to say I’ve had a very rough week and I’m not sure how I’d be feeling physically if I didn't have Energy Mastery®!

I’ll admit there were nights I almost didn’t do my energy work because I was so tired but I’m glad I did! Doing this helped me immensely!"

-Nickole Olson George


When you know, You KNOW! 

What Lights Up Your Soul? 

"I feel so amazing! Work calmed down. My body feels great. And i have been sleeping... naturally! Energy Mastery® is just what I needed!"

-Reba Phoenix 


"This is my third bout with cancer, and after working with Energy Mastery® I'm able to do more activities than I have for the past 10 years. I'm 72 years old."

-Jackie S. 

"For the first time in at least a decade I have slept through the night, each night. Can I tell you? No, I can’t even- what bliss a full night’s sleep is?"

-Karen Norman



"I worked with Energy Mastery® for a financial healing for me. I had not been able to close any insurance business or earn a commission for 4 months and was feeling stuck.

Two weeks after the sessions, I closed several cases and earned in excess of $25,000 for the month plus I put another case in process that could pay me an additional $20,000. I believe strongly in Energy Mastery® techniques and urge everyone to at least give it a try."

-Chris Cameron 

Energy Mastery® in Unexpected Places

Immediate. Effective. Powerful.

"I came to Energy Mastery® because I was told I might need surgery on my rotator cuff. My shoulder was frozen and I couldn’t raise my arm over my head or behind my back.

During the session I was able to raise my arm over my head and reach behind my back for the first time in about 4 months."

P. Taylor

"Immediately after Energy Mastery® Training, I got a promotion and became the quality control coordinator for our department. My patients are responding to me warmly and I feel more grounded than ever. My life is no longer on autopilot. I have gotten answers to questions I have been asking for a long time. 

-Tammy Gallagher


"I’ve tried many techniques but after learning the Energy Mastery® system, my business is better and my health has improved significantly."


"I had a severe ear infection over the last two years and was concerned that I had permanent damage. I used the Energy Mastery® system before my tests to heal.

My lowest hearing score was at the highest hearing register for normal people. The doctor said it’s unheard of for people to have my level of hearing.

How awesome is that?! I thought I had lost my hearing. Energy Mastery Rocks!"

-Sherry Allen


Want to Open a CLEAR Channel to Your Intuition?

Energy Mastery® for Advanced Healers

"I used a 10 minutes energy process before bed and ❤️ I woke up way more energized & focussed & clear headed, too 🙌🏻 "



"Before using the Energy Mastery® System, I had several epileptic seizures daily. After using these techniques, I am off 9 of 10 medications and after 35 years of seizures am now able to work.

I feel so much better and life is worth living!"


"Yes, it is truly Energetic Mastery® as a daily life function. It is IDEAL MASTERY in the 21st Century."

-Susan Chamberlain



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