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A small, private, 4-Day Intensive Experience for Advanced Energy Healing Techniques and High Spiritual Teachings unlike anything else.

  • March 25-28, 2021
  • August 19-22, 2021

If you're a Wisdom seeker, higher truth seeker, entrepreneur, woman or man who truly wants to achieve radiant health, heal and relieve your own pain, tension, stress, anxiety, and stuckness...

This is Ideal for you.

This is perfect for high-achievers and for those for those who want the highest energy mastery teachings in the land and are ready and willing to achieve profound states of consciousness.

Why energy and what's so important about gaining this edge?

A spiritual awakening is no joke. Everyone seems to think it's instant bliss, but it's not. Yes, it's waking up to a new level of consciousness, but the part they forget to tell you is that now you have to live your life seeing the world in a brand new way; Go about your work, build your business, raise your family, all while seeing the deep division between the light and dark in the world, and in yourself. 

It's not for the feint of heart, which is exactly why so many people back-peddle straight into their old habits and patterns. As if some unseen force is pulling them back to those familiar places; lulled into complacency...

...while another part of you longs for deep and lasting transformation. Freedom, happiness and harmony in your relationships, financial success, the profound peace and fulfillment that comes from being in your purpose. That magical place where everything comes together, but never seems to last for long. 

The real seekers try and try again. Always looking  for the next step, yet unknowingly addicted to the spiritual highs, and suffering the lows that await them on the other side; the dark nights of the Soul. 

An endless chase. 

All the knowledge they've gathered over the years is somehow unable to create a lasting change or help find the ever elusive BALANCE they've been looking for. 

There's a good reason for this. Let's break it down...

Knowledge is power, but only if you have the RIGHT information. 

Some information, while interesting, serves no real purpose for where you are at this particular place on your  journey. 

Other information is just flat-out wrong (law of attractions teachings, anyone?) 

Even the useful and relevant information you do have is very likely a mish-mash of tools and spiritual practices, with no real system, and without a system, there is no way to get consistent results. I'm not talking about dogma. I'm talking about an actual, proven step-by-step process to keep yourself on track toward your highest spiritual goals. 

You're not imagining  things. There actually IS something that's trying to derail your progress. It's not "The Universe testing you." It's not other people trying to drag you down. It's definitely not "Bad luck."

It's YOU!

Rather, your old patterns and programs that have you boxed into a certain set of experiences. Like a happiness thermostat that's constantly set to 'OK,' or 'Fine.' And when you start to move outside that little zone, those old programs will switch on and bring you back down to "Reality." 

What will it take to move you beyond these limited experiences and into the transcendental? 

A system. But not just any system; one that teaches you to clean out old, stagnant energy, and release the deep-rooted beliefs and programming in your psychology that hold everything in place- stuck!

I'll explain more, but for now, understand that the system I'm talking about has been responsible to helping over 30,000 people by the founder, Sheevaun Moran, alone.

This  system has helped people to solve things like...

  • Chronic migraines and fatigue. 
  • Severe illness and disease. 
  • Anxiety, depression and addiction. 
  • Releasing deep-rooted traumas and resolving intense inner conflict. 
  • Creating harmony in difficult relationships without compromising values. Many saved marriages. 
  • Failing businesses turned around in record time. 

Over 30,000 people have been touched by this system, so it's a long list. If you can name it, Sheevaun has  probably helped someone solve it. Here are a few examples from her archive of case studies. 

Case Studies from The Archives of the Founder

He Was On the Verge of Losing EVERYTHING That Mattered...

His hip was so bad that he might have never surfed again- and that was just the beginning. His business was struggling and life was closing in on him.

Turns out, everything they told him was WRONG and he has the results to prove it.


Unexpected Miracles for this Executive Coach

She was doing great in her career and wanted to continue growing. Then she noticed all sorts of little things going wrong with her health.

Turns out, doubling her income was the easy part. You'll never believe what happened next...😳

From Financial Meltdown to Dream Life...

This is a story about a Financial Manager who was was caught right in the middle of the 2008 Financial Meltdown in a BIG way!

But that's just the beginning.

A legendary system...

The Energy Mastery® System wasn't created in a vacuum. It's laboratory is and has been the hearts and lives of those who were willing to step in for themselves to make a stand for their higher good; Those who believed that there was something possible beyond the what they've been told. Energy Mastery® is steadfast and elegant. Evolving with mankind's changing needs at this unique and important point the evolution of human consciousness. 

It started when Sheevaun was in the pit of her own crisis. After the soul-crushing loss of the love of her life, threw herself into her  work, but it came at a high cost. She nearly died from blood poisoning- sepsis. They literally told her that she had hours to live,  but Sheevaun had different plans. 

Laying on her couch, she made the decision to heal her own body from this nearly lethal issue- something the doctors told her could cost Sheevaun her life. But little by little, she made progress. Until one day, she had a profound realization. It's all energy. And she'd actually been working with energy in her own unique way her entire life. That's when the Energy Mastery® System started to take shape. 

Because Sheevaun was a computer programmer in her teens she knew that systems are what make everything work. The body has it's own systems. Our minds operate on different systems, which is what makes each of us so  unique. What if there were a way to "hack" the system into a state of deep healing that would literally re-program you for health and success on every level of your being and in every area of life.

Energy Mastery® Core Training is her magnum opus. Sheevaun dives deeply into you and your psychology, energetics and foundations to help you uncover your truest soul self.

Sheevaun has created miracles for many people. A miracle is simply taking all the elements of nature and helping them work toward an end result. The results she's helped thousands with are deep, lasting, soul shifting and profound.

This system has worked for people from all walks of life.

If you're already on the path of helping people making shift and changes in their lives, because you're a healthcare provider, teacher, coach, instructor, reader, healer, scientist, attorney, business person, mom, or soul-centered striving seeker then this is worth your time and energy!

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A Revolutionary Experience requires..."un-training"

This is not about packing  you full of useless information. It's about guiding you back to who you were BORN to be, before the world told you what you SHOULD be. 

"Un-training" is putting the tools in your hands to find YOUR way. You've already been working with energy your whole life, whether you realize it or not. When you discover your unique  language set for energy, you can align with this invisible force and use it much more powerfully in your life. 

The Art of Ancient Energetic Alignment Through the Use of Quantum Lifeforce and DNA release

If you're here, you probably already know that you have a mission to fulfill. Maybe it's crystal clear in your mind, or it could be lurking beneath the surface as a deeply felt knowing that there is something greater for you to accomplish.

This was encoded into you a birth. However, due to training, conditioning, and programming, it becomes clouded, or even suppressed. When your higher mission, and the pathway there are not clear, you become frustrated, stuck and confused. This leads quickly to stagnation- draining motivation, inspiration, creativity and vitality.

What's needed is Energetic Alignment. I'm not talking about affirmations and positive thinking. Real Energetic Alignment stretches from the highest divine nature of your Self down to your most mundane tasks. True success comes from complete alignment of every part of your energetic anatomy, as well as your conscious mind, sub-conscious mind, emotions, and physical being.

When every part of you is in alignment, your life flows with much more ease. Physical health and vitality are assured. Relationships thrive. Creative expression flows, and a new world of deeper connection and meaning opens up to you.

This is the path of Energy Mastery®. It's not a one-and-done magic bullet. It's the journey a lifetime. Many are called. Few choose this path. Even fewer see it to the end; they either get distracted along the way, or they give up in frustration. No longer...

Energy Mastery® puts the most advanced tools and teachings in your hands to sustain you on this endless journey toward Self-perfection. This is accomplished through the use of Quantum Life Force (energy  in layman's terms), and DNA release. 

Harnessing the subtle wisdom of quantum life force.

Everything is energy. We've all heard this, but how many people really live it? Why do so many people believe in energy when it comes to "Spirit" or "The Universe" but not when it comes to balancing their checkbook, growing their business, or managing their team and family? And if everything is energy, why are so many people so tired all the time?  

Because they don't know how to harness it, focus it, and direct it, that's why. They haven't been taught how to tap into the innate intelligence of this all-pervasive, invisible force. Some people even think they have to astral travel to other dimensions to bring that intelligence here. Talk about taking the long, dusty road...

There is a much simpler way. 

Energy first. 

What I mean is to solve the problems going on in your energy BEFORE you get into your head trying to "Figure things out,"  and wind up lost in the googleverse of contradiction and mis-information. If you've ever gone to WebMD when you had a weird ache or rash, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. 

It's like trying to listen to a radio station with a ton of static; it's frustrating as the signal comes in and out, and hard to make out the message. That might have been fine 50 years ago when that's all we had, but it's just not going to cut it these days. And I think it's  safe to say that, energetically speaking, our world has LOT of static; Noisy and often toxic energy pervades our environments. 

  • 24-hour news cycles peddling fear and conflict for ratings. 
  • Violence and upheaval. 
  • Fear.
  • The endless stream of advertising telling you how you should be. 
  • Endless sharing on social media. 
  • Radiation that's only getting more intense as our telecommunications tech advances beyond our capacity to deal with it. 

I'll bet you could add quite a few things from your world onto that list too. 

How clear is the signal from your higher self amongst all the noise and interference? How much do you really trust it? If you're like most people who've been on the  journey, maybe 60% confidence. Not bad, really, but  that's a lot of room left for doubt. And even a little doubt can send you spinning into your mind. 

But that's just the beginning. You have an advanced energetic system in your body, and it uses the energy around you to feed and fuel your body. So if you spend a lot of time in toxic environments, that same toxic energy will wind up in your body and organs. It's like a fish swimming in dirty water. Everything is energy, so we're swimming in it without even realizing it. 

As that toxicity build up, it takes longer and longer for our bodies to restore and recover. This causes inflammation as the body works overtime to detox, and compromises our immune system. Aches, pains, headaches, chronic fatigue, illness and disease lurk around the corner just waiting for the right moment to strike. 

All because this unseen energy isn't dealt with directly. Cleaned, balanced and redistributed as needed. 

Your body was designed to heal itself. It's encoded into your cells to restore and recover health and vitality. The techniques of the Energy Mastery® System help your body to utilize it's full healing capability, rather than getting bogged down with overwork, congested and toxic energy. Once this happens, your innate healing abilities take over, and restore vibrant health, which is your natural state. Over time, your energy and body become so resilient that you never get sick again. Really. Many of our students have accomplished this. It's not difficult or complicated, when you have the right system. 

Some people think it's normal to get sick regularly because that's been their experience. Your belief system keeps the same patterns playing out again and again like a bad record, which is why this next part is so important...

Spiritual Psychology and DNA Release

Mindset isn't just about positive thinking and affirmations. And it's not about constantly willing yourself into doing something while fighting a battle between your head and heart. That kind of inner conflict is exhausting and ineffective, and also very very NOT fun. 

Have you ever wondered why it's so difficult to break old habits and patterns? There's the one part of you that knows what you need to be doing, and how you need to be thinking, that's TRYING to make positive changes and shifts, then there's the other part that just goes about it's business as usual. 

That part of your trying and working so hard is your conscious mind. This is how 99.9% of the world goes about making changes and solving problems. Mental. Thinking. Trying. Spinning. Working really hard. 

The other part of you is your sub-conscious mind; all the patterns and programs that you've adopted over the years to survive and get you where you are today, for better or worse. Your sub-conscious mind is much more vast, but that's not even the tricky part. The real challenge is that it's hidden. It hijacks your conscious mind and operates like the wizard of Oz; "Never mind that man behind the curtain," it says.

You might wonder why the same sorts of people keep showing up in your life, or why things keep blowing up just when you're making real progress. This is what has people on the endless search for "Balance," because every time they make a breakthrough in one area, another falls apart. Broken relationships. Struggling businesses. Unreliable health and energy. The list goes on. 

Your subconscious programming sets the boundaries for your experiences in the world. And when you have a spiritual awakening, those boundaries are transcended for a minute as you glimpse something much greater than the You you thought was real- but it doesn't dissolve the barriers. So when you come back to earth, you're back in the same box. Trapped, while knowing that something incredible lies beyond, if only you could figure out how get there. 

People try to get over it with drugs and plant medicines all the time. They also try it with meditation, 10-day sits, and every brand of personal spiritual development you can think of. You feel better for a while, but ultimately, the kind of quantum leap you're looking for never happens, and it's back to the grindstone. 

Not here. Here we show you how to remove the barriers for good. We do this by teaching you how to release those patterns and programs on the deepest level- from your DNA; the building blocks of your life. This is what lets you lay a new foundation to build your spiritual and physical life on. 

Not unlike deprogramming a computer. Uninstalling any viruses, or old programs that are mucking up the works. There is a 3-step process to do this. 

  1. Identify the corrupt programming. 
  2. Systematically release all contact points where the belief is controlling your life. 
  3. Remove the energy from your system so that you are free from it. 

The Paramitas™ System unlocks the vast potential of the human mind for healing, transformation, and achieving your most important goals. Because there is something between you and your highest potential. If it were as simple as working really hard at it, you would have already achieved it (I'm guessing you're no stranger to hard work). That something stopping you is YOU- rather, the beliefs and  conditioning you've adopted over the years (and lifetimes if you believe in that sort of thing). 

A new way is needed, and this is it. The things that brought you this far will not take you where you ultimately want to go. The same way that the business strategy that got you started is the same one that will limit you as you move to scale. This is your bridge to your next level of consciousness and Soul work. 

This is not your ‘run of the mill' fluffy training.
This is you being handed the keys to the "proverbial" kingdom.

You (and up to only 15 others) will experience a no-fluff or filler experience custom designed by Sheevaun.

By the end of the four days you will be certified to incorporate Energy Mastery® solutions and The Paramitas™ System to reset your energetic foundation and your brain's programming for yourself or others:

The unique system of Paramitas™ for reworking any issue that brain or thinking has adopted due to any trauma.

Then key processes for helping the body heal and 23 steps for the brain to heal from all wounds and traumas.

The formula for getting heart and head into the most healing space.

Learn the Most Advanced Energetic Anatomy profile for the body, brain and the life.

Break any limiting structure that you walk around with whether you know it is there or not.

Solving any boomerang energetics with a simple recipe.

What People Are Saying About The Core Training Intensive

These are just a few. For more testimonials, go here

When You Know, You KNOW.

Nicola is one BUSY woman! She has a successful business Down Under, kids in school, her husband runs a family business, and the list goes on...

There's pretty much NEVER a good time for her to leave everything and go jetsetting across the world.

Yet that's EXACTLY what she did!


Because she knew this was the only place to learn a system so elegant and advanced. 

Immediate. Powerful. Effective.

Steve didn't understand Energy Mastery when he saw his wife use it, but he knew he was being called on every level of his being to dive into the system.

He quickly grasped it with ease. Now he uses it EVERY day to support him in his coaching practice, his school and at home.

A Life-Saver for Empaths and Introverts

If you're sensitive to Energy, and you've tried everything you can think of keep your busy life on track without getting dragged down in everyone else's 'Stuff,' check out what Amanda's story...

I know from experience how confusing it can be when you're awakening to a higher calling and opening up your intuition. That's why we created Energy Mastery®.

Amanda is a busy parent and business owner, and now she's able to maintain her own energy so she can do what she was put here to do.

Do I Qualify?

Here are the basic requirements if you’d like to be considered...

QnA-Icon.pngYou need to be established in your path on your spiritual journey.

This doesn't mean that you've necessarily done a ton of different trainings, or learned every other modality out there. Only that you have developed the discipline and awareness to prepare you for a much deeper dive into the great mystery.

QnA-Icon.pngYou are open, available and receptive to new ideas and higher teachings.

If you only want to prove what you already know, this is not a conducive environment for staying stuck in your ways. The mind of the beginner, and receptivity are key pre-requisites in order to be successful.

You are seeking Self Mastery.QnA-Icon.png

This is not a class for dabblers who just want another certificate on their wall. First and foremost, this is about SELF Mastery through Energy Mastery.

QnA-Icon.pngYou understand the priceless nature of profound personal and spiritual development and you are willing in invest in yourself.

We're looking for people who want to actually do something with this information, and are willing to step in big.

Ready to dive into your Spiritual Core?