February 11-12, 2023
@ 9:30 am - 5:30 pm
Wimberley Valley Lodge in Wimberley, Texas

Only 8 Spots Remaining
Pre-Requisite required:
Foundations or CORE Level Training

Taught by Sheevaun Moran
CEO and Founder, Energy Mastery®

Why Crystal Healing?


and Who This Class is For...

If you’re more advanced at healing and have worked with hundreds of folks then this is the workshop that will help you accelerate your healing successes.

Energy Mastery® Crystal Healing will help you to accomplish more complicated work more easily and quickly. You will learn to use laser like focus with a crystal and how this type of specialty is powerful to your work and the transformation of your clients.

You’ll have an advanced understanding of the natural powers and qualities of crystals and subsequent application as a tools in Energy Mastery™ 'wavy hand' and Paramitas™ techniques.

This is also a fantastic course for those who have always been drawn to rocks, stones, gems, and crystals because now you will gain a deep understanding and appreciation of what they can and cannot help with. You'll also learn how to harness the earth’s innate abilities that rocks and crystals are designed for and how to identify when and when NOT to use a rock or crystal.

Your healing practice will improve and your results will expand dramatically.


What You Will Learn

"I thought that I'd just be learning about the properties of crystals, but there was so much more to this class.

Now I have the ability to do the work I love with much more power and intention."


  • The hidden meaning of crystals and rocks and gemstones
  • How to cleanse crystals and eliminate any negative energies or programs in them
  • You will gain the ability to use a crystal to transmute diseased energies from strata and sub-strata (chakras)
  • You will gain the appreciation of how a crystal and you are instruments of increased or decreased abilities and to properly charge your crystals
  • The precious gem system that helps you strengthen the energy, protect the energy or even instruct the energy properly
  • Extract negative programs more effortlessly
  • You will also learn to cleanse yourself and your energetics more thoroughly
  • To activate the strata to a higher frequency
  • The mechanism of protective abilities- how and when to use those abilities
  • Advanced cord cutting technology​
  • The good, bad and ugly of the energetics of stones of jewelry and how they help or hinder your prosperity
  • The principles and practices of using crystals to help with your healing practice and clients to accelerate the results by 200%
  • How you may have a misunderstanding of the real value of crystals and how they are really working for your system
  • Gain an appreciation for the mineral kingdom that will allow you place your energies in the right areas in the most aligned and energetic ways
  • How the ancients used crystals to achieve more harmony and longevity…
  • And so much more...

What You Will


  • Rapid healing as you extract negative emotions and diseased energies from your strata quickly and easily.
  • Dramatically increase your healing abilities by using special crystals.
  • Activate and revitalize your chakra system, raising your vibrational frequency for better health, vitality, prosperity and freedom.
  • Ability to increase your skills as a practitioner.
  • Generate more energy with ease and handle more difficult cases!

"Energy Mastery® is a revolution in healing. This class was so much more that I imagined.


February 11 - 12, 2023
Wimberley, Texas


Sheevaun Moran





Sheevaun Moran has the privilege of facilitating miracles, for the past 14 years with over 25,000 clients. The results have been profound and the techniques are truly miraculous. She teaches people to release patterns and downward spiraling thoughts and energies and make miraculous changes in their lives.

Sheevaun, an author of 8 books, has taught classes throughout the world so people achieve profound health, wealth, and spirituality.

“She sees things you don’t see and can get you there fast.” -Ann Convery