Ep. 22 - Solving Health Challenges on the Spiritual Journey

If you're on your spiritual journey and making changes to take good care of yourself, you should naturally be strong and healthy, right? Yet this isn't always the case. In fact, the opposite is often true!

Despite healthy eating, supplements, meditation, yoga and other spiritual practices, people seem to go through the same health challenges, and these always seem to come as a surprise at the worst possible time. 😱

We've been taught that it's just 'natural' for our bodies to get sick, but what if that's not true at all? What if the very things you're doing to stay healthy are actually working against you without realizing it? =

Turns out, 98% of the time, people are missing a key ingredient that sets them up for a health challenge. Check out this episode of I Love Energy Medicine Radio to learn what it is, and what you can do to ensure you stay healthy for years to come! 

Then, join us over in Enlightened Living to find your path to Enlightened Health and so much more. http://energymastery.com/groups


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