Ep. 26 - How to Become Blessed

Have you ever prayed for a blessing? If you're like most people, you may have waited until everything got really sticky first. Then, it's like calling in a favor from The Big Kahuna. That's nice, and it can sure help get you out of a jam, but why wait until the 11th hour when all other options are exhausted?

What if you want more blessings each and every day? Big blessings, little ones, beautiful surprises, whatever your heart desires? 

What if you had a formula to be blessed? Like, a step-by-step process for turning on the good juju every single day? 

Blessings are like miracles; they follow the natural laws, and for more blessings, there is one law in particular that absolutely MUST be honored. And when you do, the only question is, how many blessings do you want? 

In this episode, Sheevaun shares how she learned this formula, and why she created an audio mediation specially for this purpose.

Click here to get the blessing meditation. 

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