Ep. 29: Syncronicity and How it REALLY Works

Have you ever had things in your life come together in a beautiful and unexpected way? Here's a better question...

What would your life look like if that happened all the time- WITHOUT the stress and worry about 'how' it's all going to work out. 

Synchronicity is defined as the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.

Say what? 

It's when the exact right person calls you at the exact right time- 'unplanned' of course. 

It's when you suddenly receive the exact amount of money you needed just in time. 

It's when you follow a hunch to somewhere unexpected, and then realize that you're there to get EXACTLY what you need. Sheevaun shares a great story about that in this episode that spans continents! 

It's when, despite all appearances of randomness and chaos, suddenly it all makes sense. 

There is a very simple, yet profound secret to having these experiences all the time. Listen in to learn for yourself. 

Who knows, maybe this episode is EXACTLY what you've been looking for without even realizing it! Stranger things have happened...

To your beautiful life, 

Sheevaun & Nick
Energy Mastery®

P.S. To take a deeper dive, check THIS out, because you KNOW that synchronicity has everything to do with your energy. 

Or, If you're a quick-starter and want to get right to it, apply for one of our classes here. After you fill out the form, we'll talk. 


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