Ever Feel Like a Fish Out of Water?


When someone says, “Like a fish out of water,” usually they’re talking about feeling awkward and out of place.

I don’t know about you, but that phrase encapsulates a huge portion of my life. And while awkwardness is definitely a part of it, I think there’s something much deeper at work. Here’s what I mean…

As human beings, one of our most basic needs is connection. To be seen, heard, safe, loved; to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Without connection, there is a part of us that is literally starved.

It’s not a part you can see or touch.
It’s often hard to put into words.
And the worst part is that the only one to know is you.

💔It’s feeling lonely in a crowd of people.
😕It’s being in the middle of a conversation, suddenly surrounded by awkward silence.
🤐It’s having something deep inside you, but not knowing how to get it out into the world.

Now, think about that “Fish out of water” for a second…

Slowly starved for vital life force. Alternating between quiet surrender and violent thrashing?

Sounding familiar?

I thought it might. And I’ll bet that if you look just beyond the surface, you’ll see it all around you. You might even catch yourself in the act of hiding, or screaming to be heard!

This isn’t an introvert/extrovert thing. It goes way beyond your personality. This is a deeply HUMAN thing. It’s that ancient force in you seeking expression.

It is LIFE, seeking more LIFE! ✨

At the heart of it lies your highest Truth; Your greatest potential to be a force for Light and Love and Healing in the world.

That’s the journey of Energy Mastery®.

I’ve been fortunate to find the most amazing people along the way. Some come in and out for a season. Others have been around for lifetimes, it seems. I am eternally grateful for each and every Soul who has taken a step along with us.

And that’s really all I wanted to say today…

🙏🏼Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. 🙏🏼

Energy Mastery®

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