It Takes a Ton of THESE to Get to Your Finish Line…


A ‘Yes’ to something that calls you at a Soul level is a HUGE deal.

And yet…

That’s really just the beginning; The first step on the journey of a lifetime.

And that’s where many people get tripped up. They think that one ‘Yes’ was all there is to it.

They start to move toward their goal and inevitably meet with some resistance.

Unexpected expenses.
Travel plans turned upside down.
Busy schedules.
And a million other little things that seem to say “Not now. Later. After things slow down. After I get on the other side of this…”

Or my personal favorite, “The Universe is telling me that now isn’t time. It must not be meant to be.”


It’s all just a big fat ‘No’ to the thing that lit them up like nothing else. And those ‘No’s’ add up fast, let me tell you.

Another ‘No,’ another week or month has gone by. Another obstacle creeps in. Another reason to delay. Waiting, wishing, wondering why it’s taking so long, where all the time has gone, and why things seem so…HARD!

The truth is that the first ‘Yes’ is a small step. It’s actually the easiest part. In fact, it will take a million (or more) little ‘Yes’s’ to get you all the way across your finish line. Whatever that may be for you.

Taming your monkey mind.
Having unstoppable energy.
Creating a beautiful impact on the world in a big way.
Having beautiful, loving relationships.
Walking your Enlightened Path.

A Million Little ‘Yes’s’…

Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash

I’m reminded of all these little Yes’s every time I teach a 2-day Energy Mastery® Foundations class, which is exactly what I’m doing today.

Yes, they invested in themselves to get here and that is truly extraordinary.

And for me, the truly awe-inspiring part is all the Yes’s each and every one of these souls said to actually get here in the flesh from all over the United States and receive all of the awesome gifts of this unique training.

A million little ‘Yes’s’ to themselves. Every. Single. Day.

As I prepare to open these doors in just a few minutes, I am filled with gratitude and awe for the amazing people, and the countless ‘Yes’s’ it took for this magical moment to unfold.

My wish for you is that you find your Soul ‘Yes’ and that you may have the courage, conviction, and faith to say as many ‘Yes’s’ as you need to get you to your finish line.

Peace and Love!

Energy Mastery®

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