Make Your Tears Count


I have a lot of client’s that sit in my office and are so determined not to cry. They sit there with their faces making contortions so that they won’t cry. It is not my job to make a client cry but it is my job to get them to feel safe enough to let go.

No matter what happens they have decided that crying is a sign of weakness. Whether their mother or father told them that grown-ups don’t cry, crying is for babies, etc., everyone needs a release.

Many of my clients also tell me that they are afraid of crying because they think that they will never stop. This belief also comes from someone in our past telling us to “stop crying”. Crying is one of the best releases in the world. It is a gentle cleanse of the aura, chakras, and allows healing of the soul.

When we are so intent on never allowing ourselves to have the cleansing shower of a good cry, we limit our growth. The limitations will keep adding mud to the already dirty aura and chakras. The more dirt that accumulates the more our bodies get bogged down with old unnecessary thinking.

Taking a pharmaceutical remedy, in most cases, will allow the body and brain to slow down and get somewhat numb. These products that are supposed to help the body heal can keep someone from crying. The cells will get a coating on them that inhibits the real healing response that the body is working to achieve. As a body is freed from accumulated mud then the rapid healing takes place.

Crying is the simplest way to allow the body to begin its freedom. Just think of a dog that is shaking off excess water and you’ll get the picture of the power that crying has on our bodies.

The soul remembers every aspect of our hurts, happiness, success, and triumphs over adversity. Through a gentle cleanse during times of duress it waters the soul growth.

Crying waters the flowers of the soul. It allows the body to heal and brings joy to the brain. As the brain releases the salty solutions when crying the mind become more clear. When your mind is more clear it seems as if the opportunities that we have been longing for with all our might are easier to reach.

The healing work we do is about getting to the root of the matter fast and one of the best ways is to give the sacred space to allow another to cry. If you are the one that has the mud of many issues in your space, aura or chakras, I invite you to find that special space and allow yourself a good cry.

Now, if you are a friend and people always seem to want to talk to you about their problems give them the space and safety to cry but when they are done give yourself permission to release their issues from your space. This is as simple as taking an imaginary knife and cutting that connection, only the mud connection, from the friend.

Remember that crying is not for babies but is for bringing about the flowers in the garden of life. The garden of life brings about a variety of flowers and now that it’s spring it’s a time where you can do your own special watering of the soul flowers.

With Love,

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