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Have you ever spent days on end saying affirmations? Have you ever decided that you were going to think differently, only to have something that triggers you take you down the road of negativity? There is a way to overcome this challenge.

What is an affirmation?

An affirmation is a series of words that, when combined, can be positive or they can even be negative. For the past few years, people have been bombarded by the “think positive and it will happen” syndrome. There are movies and books and speakers that take you through the processes of learning to affirm that something is true and this will be so. These are all good but there’s not enough substance in the affirmation process to make them easily manifest.

Other cultures use a combination of words in the form of song or chanting and those are their affirmations. The westernized culture has not caught up to their authentic practice and use of affirmation. The western method is to use affirmations for a little while — a day or week, and expect instant results.

What is taught in other cultures is that the affirmation is an energy of living, acting, and being the affirmation and using it for every aspect of life. They often wake and use these mantras-affirmations to create their day.

Most tend to use negative affirmation because they have become so affected by the energy of being surrounded by bad news. Negative affirmations become habitual and are often used without consideration or consciousness about what they are affirming.

Most people are not conscious about what they are saying and how it impacts life. It’s not entirely obvious why this happens, but somewhere along the line from innocence in our childhood and the disappointments of life we get into negative thinking. This then becomes affirmations of the negative sort. Many people can be heard to say that they are “sick to death of…”, or they can be heard “I always worry about…”, or “I’m always late”.

While I was growing up my mother was mostly in a positive frame of mind and was never sick with even a cold. Then she broke her arm at 70 years old. After that, her most common answer when asked how she was, was “Feeling terrible.” These are affirmations that get us into trouble.

There are some additional pieces to the use of affirmations that are necessary in order for affirmations to work effectively. You need to be consistent and you need to clear or instantly negate contrary thoughts or energies. Through chanting there is a consistent rhythm and a consistent energy in place during the recitation of the affirmation.

It is important to ensure that you are in a good mood or in a pleasant frame of mind when making your affirmations. My favorite phrase to use when uncertain as to what is next or the challenge of the situation is “It’s ok, it’s ok, it’s ok…”. Using this allows your brain to get on board with the reality of it, whatever it is, to truly be ok.

This simple affirmation allows enough space to be created so that something good can truly manifest, without the obstacles of negativity.

Wishing you miracles,

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