Did Bad Choices Shape Your Beliefs?


Every day we make choices about what is right and what is wrong. Often we don’t even remember a lot of what we chose in our day let alone our early years. Choices are driven by our many needs and shaped by our beliefs.

The real question is which beliefs are yours?

At first, choices are made by our parents supposedly in our best interest. But their choices for us are as limited as their beliefs and how much they have overcome obstacles. If they have not done the internal work, and are held in the same situation as they were throughout their life, then those beliefs are passed along without the necessary editing.

Then choices are made by how we interact and interpret life from friends, wants, and what we see from the point of view of our culture and … believe it or not advertising. Fact is that our choices and beliefs are more shaped by images and advertising than we care to admit or even understand.

I have studied the aspects of thousands of lives through the use and mastery of energy and in those energy studies are the multitude of beliefs. These beliefs are all energies that have become crystallized and embedded into our cells and DNA.

Every time we see something through our visual cortex we accept or discard it based on beliefs. More often than not we accept it without even thinking about the implications. That’s where energy comes into play. When studying energy and how it flows in a body, brain, life, health of a body and mind, etc. you begin to discover the depths of the subliminal effects of how beliefs become so ingrained.

A fantastic example is a song on the country radio station that wails about the lost dog, lost wife, lost love and that he’ll never have anything like it again. Hearing this song again and again only allows that energy and that belief to become ingrained into the psyche of your mind. Enough of this, and you end up becoming as forlorn and lost as the person in the song.

Another example is where a child believes she can do anything and does so, that is until her parents tell her otherwise and all of a sudden she’s not able to perform the same task.

The key is to learn which beliefs are yours and which beliefs are those of your parents, neighbors, friends, community etc. Once you take this step of recognition then the fun begins with removing them and resolving them from the threads of your life through, to free yourself from programs, patterns and attitudes that you didn’t even know were holding you back.

On the other side is peace, freedom and potential you never knew existed for you.

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