Healing Through Possibility…

I am often asked, “How fast does healing happen when someone receives energy healing and do they need to believe in what I do.”

Having come from the pharmaceutical industry makes me think about how often this question must be asked of any person who practices orthodox medicine, works naturopathically, or any aspect of the healing arts.

This is a tricky question and one not easily answered and it is important for the client to know that the best suggestion to any person who wants to feel better, be healed, get cured, have less pain, etc. is that one must begin to think differently and take ownership of their body and mind.

More often than not people turn their thinking and decision making over to someone else who has a medical degree and leave their own discernment and intuition at the door. The mere fact that you live in your body day in and day out gives you a lot of information about yourself that no other person can interpret for you.

So, turning your body and mind over to another without tapping into your own intuition is like telling a chef that you like yellow vegetables and they prepare squash but you really meant that you wanted corn.

There is one aspect that is constant in my response to this question about how long it will take to heal. That is when the person who has the issue(s) is seeking to be healed, feel better, or relieved I always want to know if they are willing to accept that anything is possible.

If there is a willingness to accept the possibility of the body or mind healing or getting better more quickly and permit their expectations to get out of the way, that’s when miracles occur. If a person believes it’s not possible, or their doctor said it can’t happen, then the healing process will probably take longer. Also, if someone wants to tell me that they know, then I know that they will be more of a challenge to achieve their health goal.

What I have discovered is that even when orthodox medicine has told someone there’s nothing more they can do, yet the patient internally believes that it’s possible to heal, be healed, or just be better, then the body and mind get on board with working to make the healing happen faster.

I have also discovered that when someone is in enough pain and are desperate to feel better that they often let their defenses down and let go of limiting beliefs that otherwise keep them from healing fast.

I have witnessed this many times with clients who have been diagnosed with some dreadful disease or have been in pain for so long that they are not living much of a life and how rapid the healing happens because they just know in their heart that it’s possible to be without that disease state.

There is one case that comes to mind where a woman came to me who had just fallen down several stairs and been taken to the emergency room got x-rays and an MRI which showed a disc cracked. She was in incredible pain, could barely walk and the pain medicine wasn’t working.

She got to our office within a day of the accident and we worked together for about an hour. After which she was able to walk out of the office without pain. Later she called me to say the doctor’s thought they made a mistake with the x-rays and MRI as the new images showed that there was no problem.

She was so desperate not to miss out on one minute of completing a painting and hosting a special party she was able to let go of a preconceived notion about what couldn’t happen and allowed the possibility of health and healing to occur — fast.

Each time I have encountered someone who has more questions about how the healing works, how fast they will get better and how much it costs, rather than the emphasis on the possibility of what good can come, I find that those people are the ones that take much longer for the process to work. I have seen many who are skeptical about healing and energy and how it works have certainty that they arrived at my website, office, or workshop because that is meant to be and then miracles do occur.

Ultimately, healing happens when you are most able to let go and relax. The more you let go of the expectation of how and when and where the more quickly it will happen. When you are inspired to work with a particular practitioner, then it is usually in your best interest to allow that to happen, as it is a connection that your universal divine self has sought out in answer to a call you’ve made for help.

So, I encourage you to take more interest in your health and how you heal by paying attention to your intuition. I challenge you to seek out the people who aren’t just buying into your story and experience miracles. We’ve trained may facilitators in the Energy Mastery® System for this exact purpose. They have tools and techniques to transform old stale energy into new vibrant and healthy energy, and miracles occur when the client allows “possibility” into their mind.

May you have many possibilities to a brighter day of health, healing, wellness, and abundance.

Energy Mastery®

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