AI, Energy and the Codes of the Universe

In computer coding there’s a thing called a root tree.

I was watching my computer do its repair thing today and it reminded me about my coding days and all the essentials needed for a good, clean code to make something work, like all the programs on my laptop.

I tend to think in code and apply that to the energy. This is mostly how the Energy Mastery® system got built. Puzzle pieces that I’d been putting together from the time I was about three years old got integrated. Then my near-death experience and how I healed my body. Then the teams I helped to grow their business and sales all played a role in the overall code of how we share Energy Mastery® teachings. It took a while but hey sometimes the good stuff just does. That’s one of the reasons Energy Mastery is so profoundly transformative for health, well-being and even business success. Repeatable formulas that bring forth the body’s innate abilities to heal and know how to deal with life’s stressors.

In our bodies, we have a skeletal system that has bones and skin and muscles and more around it.

Feet are grounded, or they are supposed to be grounded to the earth but our brains get our feet often just lightly touching the earth. So we become ungrounded.

When we get away from our energetic grounding and roots we are going to have more things such as:
fears from others’
stressors that build up into calcification
mental chaos
financial upheaval
emotional traumas
life history traumas
and much more

Grounding is paramount to our actual health.

Some people get grounded when they walk, but that still does not solve the true grounding needed for your energy body, mind, and all things inside of us.

It feels amazing when we are actually in our bodies. At first, it can feel confusing because it’s foreign but then we find out that we actually have more energy, more vitality, and more of the true us.

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