Reframing This Energy Thing


Stopping by and re-framing some things.

Most everyone I know knows I talk about energy. I’ve been featured on over 1000 podcasts and media outlets and always talk about energy. Funny thing is that most of them admit that they have a bias about speaking of ‘woo woo’. But every single one of them, including major media outlets always find their own way of speaking about how woo is cool.

It’s a hidden, not hidden, kind of thing. In fact it’s one of the most relied on aspects of a persons life. Whether they call it woo or not it’s utilized everywhere.

I’m just upfront and shouting it from every place I can.

But what does occur is that people will discount me and my genius with this. I speak about how ‘energy’ is everything and yet people always get stuck in their brain about a topic and idea.

The other day I listened to a nearly hour-long debate about a topic that was easily reframed when I showed an energetic exercise.

Did you know that I’m the practical woo type? Well maybe you did or you’re still rolling your eyes from when you first met me. But fact is I’m going to make your experience memorable and you will likely take this into your own world and find a way to utilize the tool or technique.

I meet people regularly who tell me a story about how one idea about energy shifted things in gear for them. THIS is what I’m here to do…

Love and energy and sharing it is the truest form of your humanity that will shift all the things in your life when you gain the knowledge of how to this energy thing is your superpower…no matter who you are.

The other day I was on a podcast with a host who was very non-woo and said he was not going to be receptive. I took him through a tiny 30-second exercise … his eyes popped open big and he started to speak about how shocking it was that he could understand it from my simplicity.

As everything is energy…yes everything, so are your thoughts. Your thoughts are not first no matter what anyone says because it’s consciousness and energy of consciousness first.

Your energy matters first. As I used to call it when I first started speaking of this…energy is your electricity in your brain, heart and cells. Your energy matters and solving it will change your life.


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