What Energy is/is not


What energy is not…

It’s not the lights or the power that lights everything up.
It’s not the 5 hour energy drink or coffee
It’s not some woo thing
It’s not separate from you
It’s not just vibration and what’s inside of you
It’s not always obvious
It’s not just breath or breath work
It’s not yoga stuff
It’s really easy to understand once you are shown how it works
It’s not exclusive to the airy fairy type

What it is is subtle.

Energy is part of every single conversation that you have. It’s the invisible thread that is woven through and through each element of family dynamics. It is the connection point of all business transactions.‌

Have a difficult issue in business it’s in the energy - first and always.

That’s where I go to solve the issue.

If you’re experiencing energy things/stuff/sensitivities then you most certainly want to gain your edge for living life with more ease by getting the training.

Wishing you a day filled with Love, Joy, and Peace.

Energy Mastery®

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