From Depleted to Joyful and Flowing

As Our Energy Becomes Depleted, So Does Our Health and Wellbeing
Every day we’re bombarded by external energy waves and negativity. These crisscrossed signals deplete our body’s energy.

Do you like to read the news? Not much joy or positive energy coming from there.

The negativity gets inside and drags you down without you realizing it. Turn off all news feeds for a week and feel the difference!

Compounding the problem is that we don’t re-energize by grounding ourselves in the earth or ocean.

What’s the result?

As our energy runs out, our minds become more negative.

Negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions become more common.

We even attract negative things into our lives… like illness and money troubles.

Sometimes we stop eating right, drinking enough water, or sleeping enough, and our bodies begin to spiral down a negative track.

Things begin to snowball. Your attitude gets worse, leading to work or relationship issues.

Ultimately, your health and immune system suffer.

Your energy gets so low that your mind thinks there is no way out of “this situation,” whatever it is for you.

As an alternative healer who uses energy healing to make a new soul connection, I promise you there is a solution and a way out of your current situation!


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