How the Body Clears the Energy

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Exploring the Intricacies of Body Energy: Unveiling the Path to Holistic Healing and Wellness

This is a hot topic because when we think of our bodies we generally follow the principle that what you eat or physical activities cause issues with the body.

What’s beautiful is that the body is like a machine that gives signals all the time and energy is one of the least understood pieces of the body and its issues.

The energy that gets stored in our cells, tissues, and organs is all part of a whole piece of the amazing machine. But we’ve been taught that it’s about the part of the body that is the problem.‌

For thousands of years we’ve been using tools to access these hidden pieces of what the body has to report but we’re so far away from this practice that we outsource our diagnosis to people who do not live in our bodies. They can give a piece of information but YOU will have more data than they ever could.

‌You live and breathe and think and act from your body and mind and thus you need to gain the edge on how to understand the body and its energies or blocks better.

‌Many of the issues that we experience are because of a series of things that occur in our minds, our perceptions, and the energies that we are constantly affected by. Our intellect and emotions are so tied into this whole thing. But have something that is painful and we are trying to fix the affected area rather than the whole.

‌Energy Mastery® is about learning how to identify what sequence your energy is creating. All the way from the start of the affected area to the other energy systems that actually can help the affected area heal faster.

‌Our minds are trapped in the pain cycle and all we want is instant relief and have been taught that a pill or surgery is the answer.

‌In fact, the energy needs to unlock all the junked-up, stored-up old energy so that the body can begin to release those issues.

‌Toxins from food, traumas from our thoughts, sitting a funky way for years, and not having good enough shoes to allow the body to align all contribute to the energy.

‌Get angry and the body gets angry back. It’s cause and effect. Your organs store this and once you’re more relaxed the body then starts to try to rid itself.

‌With the Energy Mastery® tools, we share how to deal with those energies that are stuck and stored and cleanse those out of the energy, body, emotions, and mind so that the reset and ultimately restoration is going to more easily occur.

‌To your healthy body. Want to try a session with a certified Energy Mastery® practitioner click here.


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