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Ep. 7 - Money, Energy and Relationships, oh Myyy!

Many arguments between couples occur over finances. It can be a real sticking point that even destroys some relationships. You may have found your way of navigating this territory, but is it the BEST way? Find out in this episode of I Love Energy Medicine. 

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Ep. 5 - Overcoming Anger

 We all get angry from time to time. Yet, we might not realize what anger REALLY does. Anger is one of the most dangerous energies in existence.

It's an unwieldy emotion and it needs to be dealt with appropriately or it can cause some serious problems in your health, relationships and even your money.

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Ep. 4 - Do You Know Your Energy Drains?

Do you ever feel drained of energy, but you're not even sure what happened that knocked you down? There are many subtle and not-so-subtle leaks that leave people feeling exhausted and frustrated. Learn how to identify them here.

When you're ready to solve those drains for good, go to

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Ep. 2 - The Endless Search is Over!

Have you been scouring the internet looking for something that will give you the Health, Happiness and Success you've been looking for? 

It seems like so many methods and modalities work for a little bit, then they just sort of fizzle out. 

Maybe they're too complicated to use as much as you'd like, or they take too much time. 

Listen in and see why so many people are switching to the Energy Mastery® System for all of their needs. 

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